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Zoosk Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Zoosk Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
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Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-26
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has a vast database, which increases the chances of users finding people of their preferences. Moreover, it brings various people from different backgrounds, interests, and hobbies to engage in dating.
  • It’s available on a variety of platforms — a Zoosk website for desktop users and an app for mobile users. So everyone can choose what platform suits them the most.
  • A friendly and supportive LGBTQ community. The site is open for people of all sexualities.
  • Members on this site have the possibility of finding a partner for any relationship they want. This site allows all types or relationships among members, and there are members available here for all types of relationships. So whether you want a long term relationship or a casual hookup or even make friends, you can find someone.
  • The site is straightforward to use, so use.
  • Profiles need to be verified to make an account successfully. This lowers down the rate of having scam profiles and makes this a trustworthy site.
  • 25 languages available
  • The site has a high success rate, as noticed by many Zoosk reviews.
  • Account registration can be quickly done through Facebook and accounts. This saves time, and you can quickly go to the process of creating your profile.
  • Has a “story-made” similar to that of a social media network. It allows you to speak to your potential matches. It’s an acceptable form of expression and may attract more workers to your profile.
  • The premium subscription is very affordable compared to other online dating sites.
  • The paid membership is the way to take benefits of this site altogether. The most significant feature of this site to find potential matches is only for the paid members.
  • There are many inactive members on this site. So you may had sent messages to a few people and waiting for their reply for days but still no response because those profiles are inactive. It would overall lower your morale in finding yourself a match.
  • The membership is recurring, so it gets renewed itself after your subscription period ends. But you can contact the customer service and cancel the subscription.
  • Most of the profiles are not detailed. They contain only the necessary information, so you would have to spend time talking to each member to know more important details about them.
  • Since the site relies on its behavior-based matchmaking, the search options are minimal.
  • Free members are unable to send any messages.
  • You start receiving “automated” messages from profiles, and too many messages may annoy you and make those profiles seem spam.

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Zoosk is one of the most popular online dating sites on the internet. It is a place where like-minded people can meet each other. People with different relationship goals, interests, preferences, etc. are all together on this dating site. The site is very diverse, and it allows people from all sexual preferences. Transsexuals, transgender, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, everyone is allowed to signup on this site. Bisexual people will be given a second account for free to search for men and women separately. Although the site does not have the options of all gender and gender preferences, there is an issue. There is no option for transgender, transsexual, pansexual, queer, and other sexual identity forms. So users will have to write it down on their profile information.

This site is owned by Spark networks SE. It has more than 40 million users worldwide. There are members from different cultural backgrounds and religions on this site. Everyone is allowed to sign up here. The site believes that everyone deserves love without any boundaries set by gender, religion, or race. So it has created a platform of various individuals trying to find someone for dating or hookups. Zoosk is known for its diversity in every way possible. Diversity and the matchmaking process are the factors that sets this site apart from many other dating sites.

The site has been on the internet for 12 years and counting. It’s available in more than 80 countries and 25 languages. Offering so many languages allows many people to use the site easily. It takes down language barriers and makes it easier for people to communicate with members with different cultures and religions. It’s an excellent place for people who like to know people from different countries. It has achieved a high ranking on different lists, such as the next big thing from the wall street journal. It was also in the list of the fastest-growing private limited companies in the USA.

It has a unique matchmaking function called “smartpick” and “dating insights.” The matchmaking is done based on their personalities. They were using the technology of behavioral management. It is an effective and successful matchmaking technique admired by many people. This method notices the interaction of members with other members to know what their preferences are. Learns their behavior through their online activity and uses all the information to assess each member’s personality. It uses three tools for discovery:

  • Smart picks is a matchmaking service by Zoosk (ZSMS), which shows you results every day, which are your potential matches.
  • Search function which sorts out of millions of profiles
  • Carasoul, which is a fast round of profiles pictures.

This site was first started on Facebook in 2007. Since then, it has launched many updates after its massive success and even has an app. The site still has the option of connecting members through Facebook. According to the stats, it is now one of the market leaders of online dating sites. It has more than 1 million users every month.

There is a currency used on this site called coins. It is a virtual currency users can use to purchase gifts. Members can send these gifts to others, with a special delivery and message. After the delivery, they will receive a confirmation email, and their profile will be boosted. It would attract more members to your profile.

Moreover, if you send gifts to someone, they would most likely become more interested in you. The carousel is a rapid round of profile pictures that the users can play. They have to click “yes” or “no” to each picture. It helps in knowing the preferences of users for matchmaking. For each positive response, users receive coins.

There is a majority male to female ratio on this site. Men are 55%, and women are 45%. The minimum age to signup is 18. The most common age of members are between the age range of 24-36.

Keep reading this Zoosk review to figure out if this site is worth the hype.

Website Interface And Usability

Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

The site has a light blue and gray color theme. The site has a modern interface that is very convenient to use. The site loads fast. Moreover, since its interface is like a social media network, it is straightforward to use. Even if someone has never used an online dating site before, they would have no trouble using it. The options are very clearly written, and the features are simple yet practical for usage. It has an FAQ section as well where this is answers to almost any possible question. So users can view the FAQ section just in case they are confused with something.

The profile quality on the Zoosk website and app is excellent as well. There is a list of each member’s interests on their profile, which anyone can view for free. Seeing these lists of interests would give them a good idea if they would have something in common with the member or not. Most of the profiles are filled with each member’s details, so you would know if the member is suitable for you without even texting them. Every profile has to be verified for a successful account creation. So on each profile, users can view the method the member had used to verify their account. Each profile also displays the number of gifts they received from other members since each profile is verified so it highly increases the chances of finding you a date because most profiles would be real.

There are a variety of features members can use to contact someone they are interested in. They can use the most common and direct way of communicating, which is the instant messaging feature. Other forms of communication are the smiling and liking features. If you send them a smile or like, they will be notified that you are interested if they are also interested in you, then they’ll either send you back a smile or like or send you a message to start a conversation right away. But only premium members are allowed to send messages. Another extravagant method of communication is sending gifts. You can use coins to send gifts to another member.

Mobile Application

Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

Fortunately, this site has a mobile app for both IOS and android play store. It is free for download but has in-app purchases. The mobile app provides users the option to engage in dating online anytime they want. It removes the restriction of sitting home on the desktop to access the site or carrying a bulky laptop with you if you go outside. But the drawback of using the app is that there is no “Dating insight” feature. This feature shows too much data to be shown on the mobile screen.

The site loads fast, and all of the icons are visible on the screen. Its interface is very similar to the Zoosk website. Its search features are easily accessible, and the navigation takes only a few seconds. It has the same gray and blue color theme as the site.

One disadvantage of using the app is that there are many ads. The ads could be very annoying. But buying a premium subscription would make you get rid of the ads.

Special And Unique Feature

Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

Here is the list of special features offered by this site:

  • Smartpick introductions through the behavioral matchmaking concept:

When you send messages to members, show interests by sending hearts or smiles, view profiles, react to the pictures in the carousel, the software on this site gets to know more about your preferences. The data it collects about you is then used to find more members which would match your interests and then show those profiles to you as potential matches. This process has been very successful as people get only those results which match their interest. So if they start to talk to their matches, there’s a high chance that their matches would be compatible with them.

The more activity you do on the site, the more accurate your results would be. But it is essential to respond to your smartpick matches before its too late because they would disappear and new results would be shown.

  • Carousel:

This is a feature by Zoosk, where various profiles are shown to you one by one. You can either send a flirt to them or skip them if you are not interested. It is a fast, easy, and fun way of doing matchmaking. Moreover, it helps the site generate more accurate results for you.

  • Boost:

Boost is a feature available only for premium members. It increases the visibility of your profile by showing it in the match results of more profiles. More people get to see your profile, and more people will be interested in you.

  • Dating insights:

This site gathers information about people you like, people who like you, and your dating style. Together it makes up data called dating insights. It is visible on your profile, and you can see it and know the type of people you get attracted to, what they like about you, common interests between people, and much more. It is a very informative and exciting feature where you can get to know a lot about yourself.

  • Connections:

You can add someone to your connections. It sends a notification to that person, and they get to know that you are interested in them. You can send them a “like” or “smile,” and they would be notified about it. If they send you alike or smile back, it means they are also interested in you and create a connection. Having a connection with someone is like adding them to your friends list. You can then quickly contact that profile as they would be on your list. You would not have to go through the trouble of trying to find them all over again.

  • Super send:

These are flirty messages which can be sent to many people at the same time. It is a great feature to help you find matches without having to put much effort into it. These messages are especially “pre-written” by the site, so you do not have to worry about what to write in the message.

Free And Premium Memberships

Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This site offers both free and premium account memberships

Free Account Features

The free of this site has a limited amount of features, but they are enough to understand this site:

  • They can register their account.
  • They can view the profiles of other members. Viewing profiles for free would allow the users to know the type of members on this site. Many people can decide on getting a premium subscription more comfortably after seeing the profiles. Moreover, it would give them a good view of the interface of Zoosk.
  • They can send smiles and hearts to other members. This isn’t a perfect form of communication, but it still gives them a chance to show interest to other members.
  • They can access the matchmaking feature of the carousel. It will allow them to view pictures of members one by one and click the heart if they’re interested or “X” if they’re not. It is a unique feature of the site which even the free members can take benefit from.
  • They can view full profiles of members, including their pictures and interests.

Premium Account Features

Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews
  • They can use the most common and useful use of communication, which is messaging. They can send and receive unlimited messages.
  • They have full access to Smart picks. So it is the premium members who would be experiencing the effective matchmaking process of this site and getting matches according to their preferences.
  • They can browse using the incognito mode. It is a great feature for keeping their privacy, and no one would know what they have been searching for.
  • View the members who sent you likes and smiles.
  • The Supersend feature through which they can send pre-written messages to multiple people at once.
  • See the list of names of all the members who viewed your profile.


  • 1 Month subscription costs $29.99
  • Three months subscription costs $ 59.99, which is $ 20.00/Month
  • 6 months costs $ 74.99 which is $ 12.50/ Month

Real-Life Review From Kik Users

Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

“I moved to the USA a year ago for work. I wanted to know more people in my city. That’s when a colleague suggested to me Zoosk, where he had also met his girlfriend. The registration process was straightforward, and there were so many members on this site. I met a few girls who even had the same culture as me. I went on a few dates with those girls, and it made me feel a lot better and helped me overcome my homesickness. After a few dates with various girls, I met my girlfriend, who only lives a few blocks away. She has many of the same interests as me, and we both get along very well. All thanks to the efficient Smartpick matchmaking process, which helped me find someone according to my preferences. I am delighted with this dating site.”- Mark, 35

Are The Member Profiles On This Site Active?

Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

Unfortunately, according to many Zoosk reviews, this site has a lot of inactive profiles. Even after a lot of people quit using this site, their profiles remain on this site. Since inactive profiles are not deleted, it accumulates too many dead profiles being shown on the site.

Is Zoosk A Suitable Site For People Who Want To Get Married?

It is a very diverse dating site, and there are members with different relationship goals here, including hookups, relationships, and marriage. So it is a suitable site for those who want to get married. But they have to write it clearly on their profile, so they attract people with the same relationship goals.

How Effective Is Zoosk?

Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This Zoosk review suggests that this is a very effective dating site. It is effective because it has millions of members, and all of them have different relationship goals, cultures, and interests. Most of the members are looking forward to talking and meeting other members. The matchmaking process is very good at finding potential matches.


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What Security Features Does Zoosk Offer?

Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

The site has made it mandatory for every member to verify their account, which lowers the scam profile rate. It also uses an encryption system to make sure all data of members is kept safe. Users can easily block or report any account they find suspicious. It is a well-known platform that keeps its security a priority.


Zoosk Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

According to this Zoosk review, this is a great site for single men and women interested in dating. It has thousands of successful stories and has a large database full of enthusiastic and interesting people. Most of the profiles are verified, so you know you’re talking to an actual person. It has an effective matchmaking system, making it very easy for its members to find a suitable match. Overall, the site has lived up to its name of being one of the best online dating sites.

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