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Tinder Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Tinder Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 050 000
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This site is easy to use.
  • One-click registration through Facebook or Google is a great feature.
  • Tinder has a user-friendly interface.
  • A mobile application is available for users.
  • The application uses locations to match people.
  • Getting a partner on Tinder is a slow process.
  • Users must have a Facebook account to register.
  • Only one profile is shown at a time, making it time-consuming.
  • Only one profile is shown at a time, making it time-consuming.
  • The free version does not have enough features.

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With over 48 billion+ users, Tinder is the most popular dating site available in the market. However, it focuses more on its mobile application. This site is meant for single men and women who are looking for casual relationships. It is a dating site that uses physical attraction to match couples. Tinder can be considered as a dating site. It uses your data to alert you when someone falls under your requirements, such as someone from your required age range, gender, or nearby area. Members can anonymously swipe to like to dislike accounts based on their display picture, little information, and interests. If you don’t want a specific profile, they will not be notified about the dislike. This site has a messaging feature to chat privately when both of the users like each other. Most of its users are aged between 18 and 34 years old. There are people of older ages too, but the percentage is that high. About 38% of the users are between 1the ages of 18 to 24, 45% are between 25-34, 13% are between 35-44, and only about 4% are aged between 45-64 years of age.

Keep reading this Tinder review to find out more about this top-ranked dating site.

Website Design & Usability

Tinder website is available in 20 languages. Users can select the desired language using the language button present on the home page. The home page of Tinder is a welcome page that has a large “create account” button in the center and a login button at the corner. Beside the login button, there is a drop-down menu button present. The following options and sub-options are there on the menu.


This section covers the information on the essential topics. Clicking on any of the following options on the website will display a dedicated page with in-depth knowledge.

  • Jobs: This section provides information about available assignments on Tinder.
  • Contact: It will provide the user with a dedicated page to look for technical help and support for the Tinder website and application. Advertisements on Tinder and a request to include the Tinder website on a personal blog can also be managed from this page. People can also read success stories on this page.
  • Security: With Security Practices, Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

This section covers the information on community-based topics. Clicking on any of the following options on the website will display a dedicated page with in-depth knowledge.

  • Blog: Blog of Tinder with comprehensive options to read and explore the primary purpose of Tinder.
  • Blog Tech: Another blog of Tinder review with technology-related topics to read and explore technical information.
  • Blog Press: This page keeps users updated with the latest news. It is also called Tinder newsroom.
  • Support: A dedicated page with a form to submit any request.

This section has lists of all the brand partners of this site. Clicking on any of the following options will display a welcome page for its website.

  • Hey! Vina: Hey! VINA is the Tinder for (girl) friends! It can help grow your network of friends, professional connections, and fun-seekers, etc.
  • Spotify: Spotify is a music application with millions of songs and podcasts.

This section covers the information on legal topics. Clicking on any of the following options on the website will display a dedicated page with in-depth knowledge.

  • Privacy: This section tells users what kind of information is stored and how it is collected, used, and shared. It also guides users on what rights and choices they have, being a member of the Tinder website.
  • Terms: A set of rules required to be followed by every member is called user agreement. This section covers all of that.
  • Cookie policy: This section tells users all of the information about cookies. How is it stored and how it is collected and used. It also guides users on what rights and choices they have upon the cookies, being a member of Tinder’s website.
  • Safety and policy Center: This section tells users how Tinder is committed to the user’s satisfaction. This page covers Tinder’s data privacy and platform, security, safety tools, and response to reports of assault, harassment, and fraud, etc.
  • Safety Tips: To avoid all the potential threats that an online dating app has to offer, Tinder has written down some safety tips for its member to ensure every member’s safety and security
  • Community Guidelines: community guidelines section has several guidelines for all its users to follow for their safety and a better experience.
  • Intellectual property: Tinder has written down the rules for protecting and implementing legal rights to designs, inventions, and creative works.

Sign-Up & Login Process:

Sign-Up & Login Process

According to many Tinder reviews, making an account on this site is easy. It only requires a phone number, Facebook, or Google account. For registration, you need to authorize the Tinder app to signup using your Facebook or Google account. Once you have allowed it, accept the company’s terms and conditions. The terms and conditions include accessing the location as well.

The site will access your name, age, and display pictures from Facebook and copy it in your tinder account. Tinder will ask you to upload the main display picture and five more pictures for other members. Your tinder account will have the name of albums the same as on your Facebook account to have a customized setting to look for matches. Once the registration is complete, you can upload pictures from your mobile phone as well.

Discovery settings allow beginners to see your profile to add you to different groups. You can turn on or off this option. If you want to use Tinder Social services, create a user name and start using it.

Editing your information:

You can introduce yourself by adding details about yourself like a short bio, your current job, the educational institute you studies in, etc. You can always edit the information that was gathered from Facebook by default.

Instagram link:

You can link your Instagram account with the Tinder account and receive your Instagram’s feed on the Tinder app.

Saved Information:

A user must not enter his id and password every time he wishes to use it until he is logged in his Facebook account. Unless you opt to sign out yourself, you will always stay connected to the Tinder app.

Mobile Applications

This Tinder review suggests that the mobile application helps grow any business by keeping its customers engaged more and making the usage more comfortable. It also allows people to always stay connected with each other. Tinder also offers a mobile application for ease of use, comfort, and match with the modern era’s requirements. Tinder application is available for both IOS and Android, so anyone can use it on any mobile, tablet, or desktop and make the most Tinder features.

Special Features

  • Prompts: Prompts are amongst the latest features of Tinder. These are some pre-written message templates to push-start conversations. You can directly add these to your profile. Users can also choose some prompts and include them in their faces with customized answers.
  • Loops: Loop is a two-second video that users can add in their profile to make it look more lively and attractive.
  • Swipe: it is the most primary feature of Tinder. Swipe right to like a user or left to skip or dislike the given option.
  • Boost: Boost is a paid feature of Tinder. This option brings your profile to the top of every Tinder user who is near to you. It increases your chances of getting a match, but this boost lasts only for 30 minutes.
  • Messaging is the most common yet most useful feature of any dating application. After you match with a member, you become eligible to exchange messages with each other.
  • Instagram integration: Instagram profiles helps other users to establish trust and get to know you more.
  • Standard Connections allows users to see whether they share a mutual Facebook friend with a match (a first-degree connection on Tinder) or when a user and their match have two separate friends. The latter happens to be friends with each other (considered second-degree on Tinder).
  • Super Likes: The feature of Super Like will instantly send other users a notification that you have been Super Liked. SuperLike can be sent by clicking the blue star icon on their profile. Or you can swipe up a profile to send them a SuperLike.
  • Tinder Gold: This type of paid subscription gives the user privilege to see everyone who likes them, making it easier for them to choose someone who already likes them.
  • Panic button: This is the latest feature of Tinder, currently only available in the US. Clicking on this button will send your location and a live photo to your verified contact. This is a security feature.

Free and Premium

Free and Premium

Tinder application has some primary functions available in both free and paid subscriptions. However, Tinder review say there are limits some features in its free version, and users are given many privileges under the paid version of Tinder.

Free Account

Free users of Tinder are allowed 80 right swipes, which are replenished in 12 hours. They also get 1 SuperLike every 24 hours. These are the basic services available to every user if they’ve not subscribed to any premium subscription.


There are two types of paid subscriptions:

  1. Tinder Plus

For the users aged 28 and above, the TinderPlus package costs 14.99 pounds or 19.99 USD per month while 3.99 pounds or 9.99 USD per month for everyone less than 28 years of age. Tinder Plus includes the following features:

  • Five SuperLikes a day
  • 1 Tinder boost a month
  • Users are given the ability to change the location to any country. This service is called Tinder Passport
  • Users get unlimited right swipes. There are no restrictions.
  • With the Profile Privacy feature, users can make himself seen to only those who they swipe right.
  • Rewind is a paid feature available for the TinderPlus users only once when you accidentally swipe left.
  • The user gets the option to hide their age and location.
  1. Tinder Gold
  • All the features of TinderPlus are included in this package.
  • This subscription allows users to see who has swiped them right or liked them. When you have a list of people who already like you, you feel the privilege to choose anyone from a set of people.
  • Tinder Gold members can swipe back unlimited times.

Real life review

Real life review

This site has an overall rating of 3.5 from a total of 3 99,770 reviews on the application. The following are some of the real-life Tinder reviews:

  • Heather Pobst

2 stars- Aug. 25,2020

They will hide people who like you from your match-pool to pressurize you into buying. I mean, seriously, one can tell even with the blurred photo. Plus, you idiots have that “oops you missed a match” option, so if you just keep disliking everyone, at some point, there supposedly is no potential match left in your area even if you set it to global. Don’t ever give them money, run now, and thank me later.”

  • Alexandra Mark

1 star – Sept. 1, 2020

Reported that she had annual subscription for the premium Tinder, but her account still got banned, stating that she had violated terms and conditions. Upon query of which terms and conditions she was in violation of, their customer care just said that they can’t tell her that, and the refund cannot be done. Similar cases had been reported by other subscribers, giving the lesson that never to pay fully upfront.

  • Grace Good

5 stars – Aug. 30, 2020

“I keep seeing reviews on how nobody is getting matches, but I have been getting plenty of matches. It is almost like a gut instinct whenever I get one. I don’t think the application is broken at all. I think it is just the profiles. Tinder has gotten better over the past couple of years. I do have a good Tinder review.”

  • Teresa of Brick, NJ

3 stars- June 5, 2020

Said that most men on Tinder are married or have significant others and are there just to window shop or play around or boost their self-esteem. Men that claim to be widower are mostly lying, and some fraud by impersonating as oil or diamond businessmen using military pictures. All this is very easy and obvious to spot, and makes me be cautious about not giving my phone number because inappropriate pictures start coming in right away.

  • Tiffany of Bel Air, MD

3 stars- June 2, 2020

Said that tinder website is a very well-known application, but everyone knows the intentions of most of the people on that platform. There are no good tricks or ways to get a compatible match because there is no questionnaire or algorithm to do that. It’s all just gender preferences, false information, spams, nudity and a basic quantity over quality thing. But Tinder is free so can’t expect much from it. I do not have a good tinder review.

Are there lots of active members on Tinder?

Are there lots of active members on Tinder?

Tinder has about 48 million+ downloads alone on the application.

Tinder is for people who want to get married?

Studies on Tinder users shows that Tinder is not suitable for people who are looking for serious relationships, leading to marriage. The following points can be extracted from the studies.

  • Meet-up applications are more exciting than real-life meet-ups: The process of dating on Tinder website typical game playing elements and sexualizes it. Hence, it is exciting in its own self.
  • It is easier to be digitally eligible than the physical one: The data on a profile is more descent and selected in such a way to make the profile look more attractive.
  • Evolutionary needs: Tinder is according to the modern social requirements, giving people a sight to see, to struggle, to know other people’s opinions about themselves.
  • Tinder tries to be like the actual dating world: Tinder makes users make a quick decision if you like a person or not; this is something that people usually do at their first meeting.
  • Romance is no more, but only in retail: Tinder review accepts the fact that people lack time these days. They are more practical in choosing soul mates. If they are given a chance to have a partner efficiently and rationally to ensure a new connection promptly, but it will not guarantee to last long.

How effective is Tinder?

The millions of downloads on the application suggest that Tinder is quite effective in making space and is very popular. However, many features of Tinder are available only on the paid versions.


  • www.Pure.com
  • www.Skout.com
  • www.Badoo.com
  • www.Okcupid.com
  • www.Pof.com
  • www.Grindr.com
  • www.bumble.com

What security features does Tinder have?

What security features does Tinder have?

The privacy policy of Tinder says that it takes necessary security measures to protect users’ personal information from prohibited access and revelation. However, the Tinder website does not take a 100% guarantee of security and instructs the users to educate themselves and take the necessary steps to prevent identity theft. Till now, all the privacy-related flaws in the application have been corrected to ensure a safe environment for users. With every new update, Tinder introduces a new protective and reliable factor to its users. Some of the primary security features are discussed here:

Account verification: Verified users now have a light blue mark present next to their name. However, verification is not mandatory but optional.

There is an option of verifying your photos as well. This is done by submitting your pictures in some specific styles and poses. Artificial intelligence will recognize your face and can tell if uploaded pictures are yours. This will not give a 100% result but would significantly decrease the danger of catfishers.

To find disrespectful messages, Tinder has an automatic feature available for its users. If a message looks potentially spam, you will receive it with a flagged. This means that Tinder’s system has marked it as spam. You can report any user who sends offensive or bad messages.

Noonlight and Tinder have paired with each other to provide the website users get free Noonlight experience. You can access Noonlight via the same menu that allows you to attach GIFs or photos to posts, you will need to register and add your accounts. Once you do that, it will allow you to record any plans for meeting a new partner inside Tinder’s Noonlight.

In case of an emergency during a date, you can open this new app just press the button to activate the crisis. The app will ask for a PIN to remove the alarm and attempt to call and text you, and if there is no response, then the app will call the emergency numbers that are activated. Upon initiating the emergency, the live picture with your location will be sent to your emergency contact to request assistance. Users of Noonlight are also granted a Noonlight badge on their profile.

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