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Squirt Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Squirt Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
About Site
Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-27
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a gay man dating website where members can easily find men to have sex without any long-term commitment. You can sit home, have sexy conversations with men, and meet them in public places, have a quickie with them or a longer sex in a hotel room and that’s it. You no longer have to spend hours with a man building up a relationship with them when all you wanted was to have sex. Both of you can sexually satisfy each other with no strings attached.
  • The registration is very straightforward and fast. Users don’t have to spend time filling in boring information, and instead, they can quickly start the fun online dating experience.
  • Members can upload any pictures they want. There is no restriction on the pictures. Many members even upload their full nude pictures on the site, making it much more fun to scroll through different members’ profiles.
  • Members can upload as many pictures they want on their profiles. Uploading more pictures helps attract more members to your profiles. Moreover, you can then view all the pictures of a member on their profiles and decide if you want to message them or not.
  • Squirt is exclusively for gay men only. It helps men enter an online community where everyone has the same sexuality as theirs, making them feel more comfortable.
  • The site is very affordable for everyone. The affordability allows men even with a low budget to sign up on this site and engage in the beautiful online dating or hookup experience. It also attracts more members, which creates a greater variety of members on the site — the higher number of members, the higher chances of you finding someone suitable for yourself.
  • The search features on this site are very suitable and effective in finding profiles according to your preference. Members can put different filters and easily navigate profiles. The search feature is straightforward to use, so users do not have to spend time figuring out how to search for profiles.
  • The majority of the members on this site are just looking for casual sex. The site also has a cruising search section, which helps in finding hookups quick and easy. So there are very few members on this site looking for a long-term relationship.
  • The site does not monitor the profiles often or thoroughly. Since there are no check profiles, many members make fake profiles on this site, and the site does not remove them. This may result in a risk of scams for members, and they would have to stay extra careful when talking to members on this site to avoid scams.
  • The site does not introduce new updates much. Less updates make the site outdated compared to new online dating sites, reducing customer satisfaction.
  • The account deleting process is a little complicated. Members cannot delete their accounts directly from the site, but instead they have to delete their account by email.
  • Members are unable to cancel subscriptions. Once money is charged from you, then you have availed the new subscription. Users have to be careful and cancel the subscriptions before their subscription period is renewed.
  • Most of the features on Squirt are only unlocked after getting the premium subscription. Free users have too many restrictions to enjoy the benefits of this site. These restrictions can discourage a few people from signing up on this site.
  • There are ads on this site. Ads can become very annoying as they disrupt the flow of conversations, and you may end up replying late to a member because of an ad, which may make them feel that you are disinterested in them.

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Squirt.org is a gay dating website. This site was launched in 1999 by the Pink triangle press. Since it has been on the internet for two decades, it has gained considerable popularity among gay men. This site was originally founded in Toronto, Canada, but it is an international dating site. Gay men from all around the world can access this site. The majority of the men are from Canada, the USA, UK, and Europe.

This site is a platform where gay men can engage in dating, casual sex, friendships, or even to have someone to talk to. This site’s main aim is to give gay men from all around the world a chance to talk to each other about themselves. It is a niche for gay men. Some guys are still not comfortable openly talking about their sexuality. This site allows them to comfortably talk about their sexuality to other gay men who would understand them better. It is a place where like-minded men can meet each other. In some areas, gay men’s population and so it may be difficult to find gay men by just going out in restaurants or cinemas. But people can sign up on the Squirt website, put their location, and they could see all the gay men located near them. This way, they can easily find gay men to date and hang out with. You never know, but your soulmate might be a few blocks away from you.

The site has a listing of different places such as parks, cinemas, public washrooms, etc. for men who quickly want to find a man to have sexual intercourse with or even to meet them. The site had even won an award in 2006 for being a unique gay dating site. It has more than 700,000 active profiles.

There are many dating sites on the internet, but only a few niches of gay men dating and hookups. Hence, this dating site is a niche that is renowned and legit, as told by many Squirt reviews from users. As it provides its users all around the world to engage in dating and hookups while maintaining the safety rules.

The minimum age to sign up on this site is 18. Simultaneously, the most common ages of the members are between the age range of 28-40.

Since this site has been on the internet for 20 years and is available worldwide, there is a lot of diversity here. Men from any religion such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. can join this site. Gay men from different cultural backgrounds can join this site as well. The only requirement is to be a gay man. Due to its diversity, there is a very wide variety of members on this site. There are people with different cultures, occupations, interests, religions on this site, which means you are sure to find someone who would have the same interest as you. Moreover, if you have a sexual fantasy of having sex with men from different cultures such as Asians, black men, Latin or Brazilian men, you can fulfill your desire by meeting these people on this site. It is a platform full of opportunities to find your lover.

This is an exciting site where you can find hot men of different ages looking forward to a sexual or romantic experience with gay men. The men on this site have not only good bodies but also a beautiful personality. Everyone has sexual and romantic needs which they want to fulfill. In this busy, modern world, it is hard to find someone with the same desires and interests as you. By signing up on this site, you can find all types of people on one platform. Moreover, you would become a part of a friendly, social, and supportive online gay men community.

If you are a single gay man looking for a relationship, friendship, or a hookup with no strings attached, then keep reading to find out the costs, safety, real-life reviews, and much more about this site. This Squirt review will give you all the information you need to help you make a decision which you would not regret.

Website Interface And Usability

Squirt Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This site is straightforward, which makes it easy to use for everyone. It has a sexy black and red color theme. Someone new to an online dating site can still quickly figure out how to use this site. The features are useful to use without being complicated. All the options are written on the screen, so users do not have to put in any effort in finding an option.

Members registration process is straightforward as well. The process only takes around 5-7 minutes. You have to put your gender, gender, or identity you prefer of your match, email, password, location, birth date, and a small bio to say something about yourself. This Squirt review suggests that it is better to put a detailed bio that would attract more members to your account. When you are filling your profile information, a list of questions will show, and it is suggested to fill this questionnaire honestly as it would help the site find a suitable match for you.

This site has a practical and straightforward matchmaking process. It uses a search feature to filter out profiles you would be interested in. You can put gender, availability, and only show profiles with pictures or videos, and their age. These are only the basic features. But if someone is particular about the type of searches they want, they can use the advanced search features. There are various features from body type, height, eye color, hair color, sexual fantasies, etc.

About The Mobile Application

Squirt Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

Unfortunately, this site so far does not have a mobile application neither on ios nor on Android. This may be bad news for many people who have wanted to sign up on this site. But the good thing is, the site is very much mobile optimized. Users can browse this site, sign in, and use it just like the desktop version. It has all the same features. It allows members to get online, search for members, and send messages anywhere and anytime. Maybe you’re out in a mall, getting bored, and you could find someone easily on the app using your location who can come and give you their company. Moreover, you would not have to worry about an app consuming your mobile storage. You can easily use the Squirt website on your phone through a browser without an app taking up your mobile storage.

Squirt Special Features

Squirt Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

Extended search features are focused on the physical appearance, interests, and sexual desires of the members. These advanced search features are beneficial in match-making as they would help you quickly find members who would have the specifications you want. It would save you a lot from time you would have spent talking to people who would not have the qualities you want.

There is a video calling option. You can talk to your match on live video chat one-on-one. If you two aren’t comfortable meeting yet, then an online live meeting would help you understand each other better. Moreover, you can even do a sex video call to satisfy yourself and have a fun sexual experience without leaving your home.

You can instantly block any member who is bothering you or if you feel uncomfortable with them.

There is a group chat option that enables users to enter group chats where online users are having a conversation in. You can share your experience from this site with different people or even take their advice in helping you find a good match for yourself. It’s an entertaining feature which allows you to know many people at the same time.

There is a “cruising listing” option on Squirt. This is an option very suitable for hookups. It shows you places near your location such as restaurants, hotels, gyms, public washrooms, parks, clubs, etc. where you meet someone and have a hookup.

There is an option that allows you to view “most viewed” videos. These are the newest and most viewed videos uploaded by members on this site. Most of these videos are very sexy and can instantly arouse you. You can even message the members who uploaded these videos, and maybe they would become your match if they reply to you back.

Free And Premium Accounts

Squirt Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This site has both a free and premium version

Free Account Features

Squirt has a variety of features in its free account, which the users can take benefit from:

  • Members can view up to 20 profiles each day. Viewing them for free can give them an idea of the members profiles like on this site.
  • They can start a live conversation with a member. But they can only do this once.
  • Members can send up to 5 messages to users each day. This would help them try out the messaging quality on this site.
  • They can save emails from other members for ten days. This way, they can directly contact members on their email address without paying for anything.
  • They can add as many as 100 friends on their account’s buddy list. 100 is a very high number of members you can add significantly for free.
  • They can view any 20 pictures in their full size. These 20 pictures in total can be of the same profile or from different profiles.
  • They can view a total of 1 video of any member.
  • They can access the webcam for one time.
  • They can enter and talk in a group chat once.
  • Members can view up to 5 exclusive cruising listening of the site. But these listings do not show the maps, photos, or any contact information of these listings.
  • Profile registration and creation.

Premium Account Features

Squirt Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

Purchasing the premium account subscription unlocks many features, which makes the communication and experience a lot more fun on this site:

  • They can save emails for up to 180 days.
  • They can add a maximum of 2500 members to their buddy’s list every day.
  • Ads are blocked. Now they can easily chat to men without an ad popping up to annoy them and slow down their conversation flow.
  • They can view as many uploaded pictures of other members as they want.
  • They can view all the chat history they have with other members.
  • I can see the list of all the members who viewed their profiles.
  • Members can see all the cruising listings with their photos, maps, and contact information.
  • They are sending unlimited messages. Members can talk to as many members as much as they want.
  • Enter unlimited group chats
  • Unlimited video calls

The plan recurs, so cancel it before it ends.

  • 1 Week is for $3.97
  • 1 Month for $8.97
  • 3 Months for $22.97
  • 6 Months for $36.97
  • 12 Months for $55.97

Real-Life Review

Squirt Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

“I had a breakup a year ago, and since then, I had not been able to find someone to hook up with. I was sick of relationships and just wanted to have casual sex without having any strings attached. I needed to move on from him and give myself sexual pleasure by having sex with different men. I tried meeting a few people, but they wanted more time to know me before they would hook up with me. I didn’t have the time and effort to invest in someone anymore. I was getting very sexually frustrated, and it started to affect my work and overall life. That’s when a month later, I signed up on this app, and within two days, I was able to hook up with a really good guy. I’ve had casual sex with various guys since then, and it’s been a great experience for me. Their casual listings are so ideal for hookups. – Edward, 34

Are The Members On Squirt Active?

Squirt Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

According to many Squirt reviews by users, the members on this site are very active. Only those gay men who are seriously interested in hookups sign up on this site. There is a 90% reply rate as well, so you are sure to find people trying to build conversations with you and meet you here

Is Squirt A Suitable Place For Men Who Want To Get Married?

Squirt Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This is not an appropriate website for men who want to get married. This is because most of the men here are trying to look for hookups. There are a few people who want to get married here. But if you chat with someone and both of you feel a special connection, then you may be able to marry them. But the marriage rate from this site is very low.

Is Squirt Effective For Hookups?

Squirt website is very effective for hookups. Most of the members here are looking to find someone for casual sex, and there are thousands of active members on this site from all around the world. These many active profiles makes it highly possible for anyone to find someone.

Alternative Of This Site

ADAM4ADAM: This website is a niche for gay men who want to have sex or relationships with other men. It’s one of the most top gay sites worldwide.

Grindr: Top gay dating site for men all around the world.

What Are The Security Features Offered By Squirt?

To avoid hacking of data, the site uses SSL encryption. They also use GPS to know the location of the member to avoid any fraud. Members can block any account or report them if they find anything suspicious.


Squirt Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This Squirt review suggests that if you are a gay man interested in hookup or relationship, then you should really consider this site. It’s a safe site, with many people willing to do hookups and various men. It also has fun features that make the online dating experience enjoyable. It is worth signing upon.

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