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Plenty Of Fish Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Plenty Of Fish Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
About Site
Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 995 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has lots of free features like messaging.
  • To help members find their match, it offers a free online personality assessment.
  • Members are signed out after some time of inactivity for added security.
  • It has a free app on android and iOS.
  • Free messaging invites more spam users.
  • You can't link other social media accounts such as Facebook.
  • Some members use fake info to make profiles.

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The Plenty Of Fish review is to tell us an overview and some in-depth details about the Plenty Of Fish website. This Plenty Of Fish review will help users decide why they should or shouldn’t consider this online dating website. It is still one of the oldest dating websites, widely used in the USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Australia, the UK, and Canada, which the company itself is based. The Plenty Of Fish website is a Canadian online dating website, having headquarters in Vancouver and British Columbia. The website is available in 9 languages and is one of the pioneer dating sites. The Plenty Of Wish Website claims to be the largest dating website, with more than 90 million members worldwide. 3.6 million people are logging in daily, 10 million conversations daily. The Plenty Of Fish website claims to make more than 1 million relationships every year. Plenty Of Fish is not a transsexual dating website, but you can tell your preference in the description box and tell about your interests. The website is rich with features like location-based search, matchmaking, compatibility, etc.

Website Design and Interface

Website Design and Interface

The sign-up at Plenty Of Fish website has a straightforward design as compared to other dating sites, but has a longer sign-up process. It takes around 5-10 minutes to sign-up, answering 20 questions, and you cannot link a social media account to speed up the process. You have to go through a very detailed series of questions, including gender, type of relationship you want, language, ambition, if you want children, education, types of properties you own, etc. It is necessary to answer all questions when signing up on the Plenty Of Fish website.

After the sign-up interface of the Plenty Of Fish, you see just how simplistic and assisting the design and features are. Plenty Of Fish prioritizes messaging and puts it as the center, with a list of members in the inbox which are most likely to respond. This feature helps the user know which members will give them their time and respond to them. You can choose to ignore the suggestions and contact anyone you want at any time. The Plenty Of Fish Website has a grid view of the options you can use to navigate profiles. You can view the profiles in grid view or list view, with the option of searching at the top of the screen. The profiles of users are full of information, not only about the user but also about them. There is information like the user’s parents, siblings, hobbies, and friends they have. It even has an indicator of their last and longest relationship, enabling you to have a fair idea about the user being a potential partner for your kind of relationship. Though the website can be overwhelming at first, but the straightforward buttons and icons, the easy navigation, and the very flexible search option enable the website to be of ease in use to all ranges of age.

Mobile Application

Plenty Of Fish website even has a mobile application available for free on android and iOS. The app is easy to use and user-friendly as compared to other dating apps. The application has all the features that are available on the Plenty Of Fish website, as well as using your services location for its other features. So be aware of that beforehand with the help of this Plenty Of Fish review. Most people prefer using dating apps and mobile sites instead of desktop websites, and similar is the case with Plenty Of Fish. Mostly, members access their profiles through the app, which is around 75% of members. Having it available in the app and mobile site has also been the reason for the Plenty Of Fish website’s increasing popularity. The app is more straightforward and fundamental than the website, but the only issue with the app is that you can only hide your account from the app. To deactivate the account, you will have to use the desktop website.

The Special Features Of Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish has many unique features, which helps it stand out compared to its competitors and attract more users towards it and prefer it. Some are very specific to Plenty Of Fish, and other websites inspire some.

Chemistry PredictorOne of the features unique to Plenty Of Fish is its Chemistry Predictor, which uses a test with questions varying between 30 and 100 to find perfect matches based on your answer. There are different tests the user can take and find a match according to the test or all the tests they take. The tests include chemistry assessment, need assessment, keeper test, sex test, and psychological assessment. When you encounter a question, you will see options in the answer based on the question asked and its application to your personality and preference. All you have to do is click on the answer that suits you, your personality, and your preference the most and are most related to the question.



Another feature of Plenty Of Fish is the “UltraMatch,” which is a matchmaking feature. It uses the information you have submitted during the registration and list 50 people that are most compatible with you. Even though Plenty Of Fish is not a Transsexual dating website but, if you mention your sexual desire or preference in the description, there is a chance you might end up being compatible with someone.

Top ProspectsAnother impressive feature Plenty Of Fish website has to offer is the “Top Prospects.” This feature makes a list ranked by compatibility, using all the people you’ve had contact with in the past 30 days. A lot of members have even reported to have ended up in relationships after being in each other’s Top Prospect list.

Nearby”Nearby” is a feature used by many other sites, which uses your location to find other users closest to your location. Plenty Of Fish takes this further by making a list by ranking on how close a user is to you, by using the location services of the member’s phone.

Meet MeThis feature lets you go through all the members in your locality that are willing to meet up. Like the famous interface of “Tinder,” you are shown a profile of other users with the option of tick and cross. The tick option being that you want to meet up with this person, and the cross being you don’t. When the person you ticked, ticks you back, you get matched up mutually and can start chatting.

Automated Profiling And Decision MakingThis feature is a decision-making process that only involves computers and algorithms, an invisible feature that helps members find the best matches and build connections that last. This feature doesn’t involve any human involvement to protect the privacy of other members.

Super Yes

This feature is used side by side to the “Meet Me” feature, which lets the other person how much you are interested in them. And according to the facts and data, there is a 50% increase in chances of finding a match if you use Super Yes.

Priority Message

This feature at Plenty Of Fish is only accessible by premium members. This feature makes your message appear on the top of the receiver’s inbox. When you’re about to send a message to someone, you will see an option from where you can enable or disable the feature of sending a priority message.

Today’s CatchThis feature makes the profile of a user more prominent so that more and more users can view it. It would help if you used tokens to be the catch of the day. This feature at Plenty Of Fish is also found in “Meet Me.”


On Plenty Of Fish, tokens boost your profile. It would be best if you had tokens to be on the “Today’s Catch” list, send priority messages, and use “Super Yes.” You can buy 1,5 or 10 tokens at a time, and according to members on the forum, there is a promo that gets you tokens with up to 90% off. One token costs $1.99, 5 tokens cost $8.95, and 10 tokens cost $16.90. All token purchases are final and cannot be refunded. All tokens expire six months after the purchase.

Free Account And Premium Account

What Do You Get If You Pay?
  • When someone goes for the “Meet Me” option, you can be on the top of the list
  • You view a very extended version of the profile you come across while browsing through profiles
  • You can know the status of the messages you have sent. You can check if it has been delivered and or read by the receiver.
  • One of the things that bug people a lot is ads, and premium members enjoy an ad-free experience.
  • You can receive more emails as being a premium member.
  • You can view other profiles, premium profiles differently.
  • Your profile will have priority on search results.
  • You can send three gifts in a day using tokens etc.

Real Life Review

Many people have been reported to leaving their usual dating site and using Plenty Of Fish and have found exactly what they have been looking for. For example, a programmer named Brian, age 33, left Tinder and started using Plenty Of Fish. He complained that women on Tinder were usually very ignoring, took a lot of time to reply, were not that interested in chatting, and were hesitant to meet up. He started using Plenty Of Fish on the recommendation of a friend. He was hesitant that women of his desired age range would be turned off since he was only looking forward to casual dating and nothing serious. He still signed up and started using Plenty Of Fish, and within three months of use, he had been on five enjoyable dates and going on four dates with the last girl he met.

How Are The Members On Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish is one of the pioneers to the world of online dating websites, founded in 2003, and it has a member base of 90 million to prove it, with 78 million being from the USA alone. The percentage of members that is the highest, ranges from young adults to adults, ranging between 25-34 years of age. Members are precise in telling exactly what they’re looking for, and other members respond to the wants without hesitation and frequently. The member base has 60% males and 40% females, with the male being 20% more than the women. The membership base is proved authentic as there are around 2 million logins every day and 10 million conversations each day, and one million relationships each year. You can see members being active not only on the app but on the forums as well. They engage in conversations on topics regardless if they are related to dating or not like, relationship tips, love, gaming, music, and other non-dating related issues.

Does Plenty Of Fish Help You Get Married?

Plenty Of Fish can be used for any dating or wants, depending on what the member specifies. The “Chemistry Predictor” and the matchmaking system help you get paired and matched with members seeking the same kind of settlement as yourself. Suppose you specify in the tests that you go through during the chemistry predictor exam that you are looking for a marriage partner. In that case, the matches and compatible members you will be recommended will also be seeking. This feature can even be used as a transsexual dating site, if you specify that you are looking for that, or that gender orientation interests you.

Is Plenty Of Fish Effective?

Is Plenty Of Fish Effective?

With all the features and services Plenty Of Fish dating website offers, such as “Chemistry Predictor,” “Meet Me,” “Super Yes,” etc. are very useful in finding you, partners. User reviews are filled with incidents where they left mainstream famous dating sites and started using Plenty Of Fish and started getting the kind of dating scene they wanted. The premium features like “Priority Message,” “Catch Of The Day,” etc. are even more effective in getting you going for the dating scene you wish to have, and that too more quickly than the usual time.


There are many alternatives to Plenty Of Fish, and these dating sites have inspired some features that are available on Plenty Of Fish. The super yes feature, the location-based search, the tick and cross, etc. have been inspired by its competitors and alternatives. The alternatives and competitors are usually dating website which people either use after they have used Plenty Of Fish. Still, mostly they’re dating sites people use before they end up using Plenty Of Fish. The major alternatives to Plenty Of Fish would be Tinder, Eharmony, and Zoosk.

Security Features Of Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish is one of the safest websites with its privacy policy and features like automatic logouts of inactive profiles. Plenty Of Fish has a no-nudity policy and takes quick action against reported profiles and complaints. There are scammers on Plenty Of Fish that give off-site communication information and then try to scam, but when reported, Plenty Of Fish deals with the scammers and fake profiles very seriously.

Conclusion Of The Plenty Of Fish Review

Plenty Of Fish dating website has been around for a long time and has laid the foundation for other dating sites, such as transsexual dating sites and dating sites for other gender identities. Plenty Of Fish also transformed and adapted with time, adding new features, updating, and improving. It is an excellent platform for singles looking for casual dating and long-term relationships. It has an outstanding statistic data to back up its claims of the quality of services they provide, a significant member base, and many active members at a time. The one thing the website lacks is in the communication aspect, compared to its competitors. It doesn’t lack that much, but it needs improvement because sometimes members have to wait, browse, and interact with many people before finding a good match for themselves. But, regardless of all that, Plenty Of Fish offers a very detailed profile and unique features like, “chemistry predictor,” etc. and various other matchmaking features that help you get precisely what you are looking for. If you are a single person looking for casual dating, Plenty Of Fish can help you with that. If you are looking for a serious relationship or looking to settle down, Plenty Of Fish and its matchmaking features will help you with that as well. The website keeps improving, members keep increasing, with many satisfied members, and matches made worldwide. There are Plenty Of Fish indeed but catching some and getting caught has a few challenges, but nothing so severe that you can’t overcome or deal with.

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