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Ourtime Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Ourtime Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 40-55
Profiles 870 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There are a good number of features and options to choose from if you wish to interact with someone on the Ourtime website.
  • The section, daily matches, and I'm interested feature allows you to browse through the site's complete member database very quickly.
  • The algorithm is very complicated and suggests new matches every day after a comprehensive check.
  • Many advanced features of the Ourtime website require additional purchases on many occasions.
  • A profile picture must be uploaded, or else your profile remains unavailable and cannot be seen by other members.
  • The stack of features is complicated and overwhelming to the aged community, as they are not used to the advanced technological updates.

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Ourtime Review will tell you about how the Ourtime website caters to the dating needs of singles 50 years or above. Yes, you heard that right; it is only for 50 years old or above. Another website part of the very famous The People Media serves a very diverse crowd worldwide. People Media has many dating sites and dating sites to serve the needs of many other people all over the world. As transsexual dating sites, The People Media serves almost all gender identities in the best way it can. Still, in this Ourtime review, we will discuss how and if the website serves its purpose: to serve singles over 50. Ourtime website has an advantage in this kind of dating because the people here will have the same experiences. The same generation references, making communicating and understanding one another way easier. From serious marriages, relationships, travel partners, and even pen pals, whatever kind of relationship you’re looking for, Ourtime website has got you covered. The more we go into this Ourtime review, the more you’ll realize that Ourtime is Match.com but for a more senior audience. Ourtime is similar to match in many ways, from its match of the day, daily matches, and even profiles having almost the same kind of information categories. Ourtime website seems to have more than a few ways of communicating with other profiles including, privately connecting through text message or phone, in-app chat, email, sending flirts to show interest, sending gifts, and adding profiles to favorites. All can be done with any profile since profiles are available to view and interact with on Ourtime. The Ourtime website recommends that users mostly use the email option because the website shows suggestions on initiating a conversation in the right way. This way, the user won’t ask questions that might offend or creep out the reader on the other side, and at the age of 50, you don’t know much about that sometimes. The Ourtime website keeps track of and learns your browsing along the way, and does so very seamlessly and clearly. A user will never find themselves wondering if they have already interacted with a certain profile or not, or if you have shown any interest to that profile or not. Users can often be seen playing the “I’m interested” game or using the search function after they have gone through 10 or so daily matches. The “I’m Interested” game is a little similar to Tinder’s standard interface, where you are presented with a profile, and you can choose between liking it or giving it a pass. The search option at Ourtime is very diverse and covers many aspects such as ethnicity, race, how many children they have, etc. Since you such a huge member base at Ourtime, you will never run out of profiles to browse and single mature people to connect with it. And even if you’re unable to find a person of your interest, which is highly unlikely, you will be part of The People Media community. People Media has also created the websites SeniorPeopleMeet and SeniorMeet, which serve the same purpose as Ourtime, so you can extend your search and be part of 3 websites. That will give them a bigger membership base, increasing the chances of them meeting someone. The registration at Ourtime takes no more than 2-3 minutes, requiring only basic info. The user can upload up to 30 photos at a time.

Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

Considering the kind of audience you will see interacting with the Ourtime website, Ourtime has designed the website very cleanly, and organized the features and options very well on the side of the screen and the top. The profiles have enough information on them, considering the audience they are dealing with, which helps them understand things more efficiently and better. The website’s overall design, with its color scheme, attracts more users. It appears very simple and comfortable with white color being in the background, and different shades of blue and slightly purple highlight essential features and options. This color scheme is very appealing and pleasing to view as a user. It is possible to see the profile pictures of other members, all the other pictures they upload. The profile information can be updated and changed later on, and there are many other boxes available that can be filled with information to help the viewer get to know the profile better.

Mobile Application

The People Media have been cautious when they have made the Ourtime Website app, and the Ourtime review will tell us why, especially in terms of the design of the website and app. It is undeniable, even at first glance, that the Ourtime website app has been made in accordance with its targeted audience, which is the older people with age above 50. People at this age avoid the usage of mobile applications because they find it complicated and frustrating to be stuck up on a small-scale device. They prefer desktops because they can easily use, navigate, understand, and see things correctly. The Ourtime website app has been made precisely to serve that need. It is made straightforward, with enlarged text, fonts, icons, and a straightforward access menu, making everything and every bit of information easy to see and understand. The Ourtime app is a complement to its desktop site, though it does not have any additional features, but the app has all the features from the website.

Special Features

Ourtime has some features, made not to be complicated to the audience, and help them enjoy the dating service more. Besides that, these features help the user find matches more efficiently and enhance their visibility on the website. The features are:

Promote Me

By using the PromoteMe feature on Ourtime, the user can make their profile more visible to other members by placing you on top of other user’s search results.

Virtual Gifts

People get messages from many other users throughout the day, so what can you do to make your message go unnoticed? Well, you can send a virtual gift that will make your profile, your message, and you stand out from everyone in the inbox.



The chat function and the email function can start to feel very restricting and limiting on Ourtime or any other website or app once you chat. Ourtime has a way to keep your talks going by letting you use the option of ConnectMe. ConnectMe gives you a virtual phone and virtual phone number through which you can have audio calls without revealing your identity and exposing your real phone number.


There are fields and boxes having categories of information that you can fill out to describe yourself better and let the other user get to know you better at first glance. This extra information also helps your profile stand out more than other profiles because your expression is unique. If you are not that expressive and shy or lazy that you don’t want to fill out the excess information, your best option would be ProfilePro.

Free And Premium

Compared to the website Ourtime is up against, seeing the audience it serves, the age range it has to sit between, and the competitors it has to deal with, Ourtime website is averagely priced. I thought about, ourtime has a very mature and sensible audience that knows what they are looking for. The members at Ourtime have a sagacious way of dealing with things, and a possibility to not go premium can be considered because they might not have the eagerness to find love, and might not think of it as worth it. But the free registration and the free navigation features already give us a fair idea of how much the experience will get enhanced if the premium membership is considered. The matching feature is also free, and no information is held if you want to explore the profile or try to get to know them better before deciding to contact them. a non-paying member, there is no limit to how long you can have an unpaid account, so there won’t be any hidden charging.

What’s For Free

The registration is free on Ourtime so that the person can create a profile and browse through the members before so that the new user can check if the members on the website suit their preferences, wants, or not. Besides that, there are a few extra free features like:

  • Profile Creation on Ourtime is free; you can add as much information as you want so that you can see if you’re a match for someone or not.
  • Match search is also free on Ourtime, so you can know if you can be matched up with someone and that you are someone’s preference.
  • The registration is also free, and this Ourtime Review will reveal why there is an emphasis on that later.

What Do You Get If You Pay

What Do You Get If You Pay

Ourtime without subscription can be considered as a trial of the website. Still, the features you need to interact with people, communicate with them, etc. need the premium membership. The premium membership includes the following features:

  • MatchMe
  • PromoteMe
  • ProfilePro
  • NotifyMe
  • ConnectMe

The standard plan has subscription plans of one and six months. The 1-month subscription plan costs $34.96, while the 6-months subscription plan costs $95.76, $15.96 per month.

These are the features of the standard plan; the value plan has some additional add-ons which enhances the users experience furthermore, like:

  • You get notified when the other user has read your message.
  • Your profile gets a different background color, which makes it stand out more.
  • Your messages background gets a different color as well, making your messages stand out too.

The Value Plan only has one kind of subscription: the 6-months subscription, costing $119.76, being $19.96 per month.

Besides these, OurTime has an option of purchasing tokens, which can be used to send virtual gifts and boost your profile’s visibility. The tokens can be bought in bundles. Fifty-five tokens would be $2.99, with one token being $0.05. One hundred ten tokens cost $5.99, with one being $0.05. Two hundred eighty tokens cost $9.99, with one token being $0.04.

Real Life Review

Brooklyn, a 58 years old teacher, shared her story about how she found a companion on OurTime. She tells that her husband died of a heart attack, and she had accepted the fate and prepared herself to live her life all alone. Initially, she thought that looking for someone new would mean cheating on her husband and his memories, but two years as a widow, she faced nothing but intense loneliness. She said that she was still healthy and in good shape and liked going to theme parks, cafes, and whatnot, and she even tried doing all that, but it just wasn’t the same, so she didn’t do that anymore. Then she finally convinced herself to go out again and started using OurTime, and on the OurTime website, she met a guy named Rick, who was also a widow, with two grown kids. They started talking, and after three months of talking, Rick finally asked her out. They went on a very, what seems like, a regular date, with a dinner and a walk, but she had a lovely evening and felt all young again. With the services of OurTime, she had found a companion, friend, and partner.

What’s The Member Activity On OurTime

What’s The Member Activity On OurTime

Considering the age range OurTime website caters, OurTime members are quite active and responsive on the app and the website. OurTime has an “events’ tab in which OurTime uses location services to inform of the events that are happening nearby and ask if members are interested in attending them. These events end up being blind dates, a good group hangout, fun activities where you can learn new skills, and even make one or two new friends. OurTime has members mostly in English-speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK. Still, besides these, OurTime is also active in countries like the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. Even though OurTime is not a transsexual dating site, but Trans people do sign-up to make new friends, pen-pals, etc. from different countries. OurTime has over 8 million site visits per month and 180,000 active members weekly, which speaks a lot for its popularity.

Can People Seek Marriage On OurTime?

OurTime website is a platform for people who have spent some time in companionship and know what it means and how it can be. They are either divorced, widowed, and sometimes single or coming out of a long relationship. Considering these situations, it is implied that OurTime is for people who seek company in any relationship. It can be as pen-pals, friends, internet friends, date, companion, and even husband or wife. Even though it is not a transsexual dating site, it does accommodate many different people’s needs. Marriage is not the main focus of this website, it’s company and companionship, and the best companionship comes from a significant other. The best kind of company comes from a friend, both of which OurTime can easily arrange for anyone.

Is OurTime Effective?

With this OurTime review, and the many reviews you will see on many platforms, even the app stores, you will see that OurTime has its fair share of positive reviews. The number of positive reviews is way more than the negative ones. The negative reviews are on older versions or non-compatibility, but not because the app didn’t do its job. The results, the members base, and the activity of members speak for itself.


Main competitors to OurTime would be:

  • Eharmony
  • Plenty OF Fish
  • SeniorPeopleMeet

Security Features Of OurTime

OurTime is a very safe and secure platform, even though there is no email verification or other personal info. What makes OurTime safe is that the application has kept many basic and essential features free. Lonely aged women and men may seem like a perfect prey for scammers and fake profiles, but the subscription plans, and their price, are something now that keep the scammers at bay. No scammer would go through the expenses of getting a subscription and hoping you will get a fish to hook.



This OurTime review is surely more than enough for the reader to realize that OurTime is a perfect platform to socialize and interact with new people online. The platform is safe considering the age group of the audience OurTime has targeted and the service they have to provide. Most aged people avoid online dating due to the lengthy sign-ups and procedures, or the complicated website design and interface. They have a hard time using the dating service through the mobile and the desktop as the design may not be easy to use, and the features are complicated. But OurTime has avoided all those problems with a very straightforward sign-up and registration process, asking the same amount of information someone expects to see in other profiles. They made the design of the website easy to use and navigate, making it easier to use. The mobile app and its design accommodate people of age who have a hard time concentrating on small screens by adding cool colors, which are relaxing and pleasing to the eyes while keeping the fonts and icons’ size to a scale that anyone can easily view and interact with it. They have kept straightforward yet important features that enhance the user’s experience and assist them along the way. Like the ProfilePro feature, the writers at OurTime will create and optimize your profile and its information to make sure you stand out and express yourself enough to intrigue the person viewing your profile. The ConnectMe Feature helps the user take their communication to the next level by helping them avoid the tiring and usual chatting and emails, and call the person on the other side using a virtual phone, with a virtual phone number, and not compromising your contact info or identity. One thing that OurTime lacks is that it is not one of the transsexual dating sites, which is a loss for OurTime since there are trans people out there that have a fair idea of loneliness and want to meet new people or have companionship as well. The next step for OurTime could be that it upgrades to accommodate the trans people as a dating site. Because we all know there might be single trans people out there looking for interaction or trying to find a way to cure their loneliness. But if you are above 50 years of age, and for whatever reason, you want to go back into the dating game, but want a like-minded community and options to go through. Because by this age, you want the people around you to have some sense of maturity, and OurTime will give you a whole variety within the kind of people you are looking to befriend, date, hang out with, and even marry.

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