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Meetme Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Meetme Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
About Site
Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 26-30
Profiles 55 680
Reply Rate 64%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 7.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • This site is free to join.
  • It has a mobile app available on iOS, Android, and even windows for free.
  • Chat messages can be received and sent between all people, regardless of their membership kind.
  • You can view any live stream, have a one-on-one live stream, or start your own free.
  • 2017 customer choice winner.
  • The members get along well, regardless of their gender.
  • Customer service is not that responsive.
  • Since the platform is free, it attracts a lot of fake profiles and scammers.
  • Mobile app and website have many ads, and you can only get rid of them if you go premium.
  • Profile information is fundamental, and you can't get to know people better at first glance.
  • Since profiles are not informative, the search tool remains limited as well.
  • People are not serious in their search for friends or relationships, and can be very rude sometimes.

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Meetme was found by the name myYearbook, by a 15-year-old Catherine and 16-year-old David cook to replace the traditional paper yearbook with a digital yearbook. Later on, hiring over 100 employees, raising funds of $17 million, has more than 20 million members, getting over 1.2 billion views per month on their page, and earn a revenue of $20 million. It can be considered a dating site. What was different about myYearbook was that it focused on the users meeting and getting to know new people instead of the Facebook approach of becoming friends with people they already know. Another good thing myYearbook launched was games on the website, a real-time stream function, and an instant messenger. Then myYearbook released its mobile app, and in 2012 Meetme become the new name. This site has focused on making new friends and made many improvements in its interface and usability. They launched a live video streaming function, which became their most popular feature, and something through which the users can earn money too. MeetMe website is a social forum that makes meeting new people entertaining, amusing.

Since most of its features are free, people usually enjoy it rather than feeling like it’s a drag. The users find the sign-up process to be hassle-free compared to the traditional dating site. New members can register themselves using their Facebook or their email, then they can choose to add a profile, and then they can further customize their faces later on, and even use themes, but that is a paid feature. You can also pay up for credits to unlock fun features and enhance a user’s experience. Credits can either be earned or brought by playing games, performing specific actions, and finding their secret admirers in “match.” Once credits are made or accepted, new features can be unlocked, and a user’s profile can be boosted. Besides fun and games, this site has some basic search features that a traditional dating site or a transsexual dating site and a social site might have. You can search for users using the match tool and the search tool, search by filters like age range, geographic location, and discover your secret admirers. This site also has a function called “ask me” through which a user can send and receive anonymous notes and messages, and help you engage in conversations. People usually find famous members, join their live feed and see what they’re up to, and all this can be done through mobile phones with the app available on both iOS and Android or the website itself. It is a crossover between a social media app and a dating site that many people use, and famous members even earn and get rewarded money upon the website. It is a part of the Meet group and has been serving well since 2005.

Keep reading this Meetme review to find out if this site is worth your time.

Website interface And ease-of-use

Website interface And ease-of-use

According to this Meetme review, the website layout and design looks very outdated and looks somewhat similar to the old system Facebook once used. Facebook moved and upgraded to a more modern and better innovation. MeetMe website seems like it has been abandoned and focuses on the mobile app. The sign-up screen is very straightforward and only asks for basic info before you are redirected to the forum and can start using this site and start browsing and using other features. The website has an outdated, having profiles for browsing in the left side of the screen in grid view as rows and columns. The face you click upon will open on the right side of the screen with essential information such as age, name, country, gender, and you can see when the user was last active.The search bar at the top has detailed search filters like religion, ethnicity, region, country, etc. Since minimal information is available on profiles, this results from the search option are limited.

The mobile application

MeetMe members and users all prefer using the app as it is more pleasing and more comfortable to use than the website. The app has all the website features, but some elements are specific to the app and are not available to the website. The members that use the mobile application have a better experience than the members who use the website. The members that use the website are missing out on a lot of features and a different experience. Features like messaging, Quickpick, secret admirer, and Live feature are all specific to the application. The app sign-up allows you to add more information if the user wishes.

Special features available on MeetMe

Special features available on MeetMe

According to many MeetMe reviews, this site offers many features that bring popularity and users towards it and help it stand out. They are enjoyable and entertaining features that make the user’s experience worthwhile. The parts are as follows:


This feature is MeetMe’s take on Tinder’s swipe feature, in which the user is shown a random profile. It is up to the user to show interest or move on to the next face.


The question feature of MeetMe or the Ask Me feature has brought a fair amount of user traffic towards the website and gave MeetMe a lot of its popularity. It helps users who are interested in other users but don’t know how to initiate a conversation. To understand their interest, they can first send a question anonymously, and if the user is interested, they can send a reply in return. The items are sent anonymously, and the identity is revealed if they choose to answer the question.

MeetMe Live

This feature is the most popular feature of MeetMe, which many new dating sites and apps, social websites and apps, and even transsexual dating sites use. This feature is a video streaming feature which the members use to interact with spectators or more than one member at a time. Any member can view these regardless of their membership status. They can send like and gifts as diamonds, which the streamer can later convert into in-app credit or real cash.

Secret Admirer

This feature is a game-specific to the app, in which users can meet new people and find people who are interested in them. You are alerted through the app that you have a secret admirer, but it won’t tell you who it is. They will show pictures of many profiles simultaneously, and you have to guess who might be the secret admirer. You are given five guesses, and if you don’t guess right, the notification goes away.

About the Free and Premium membership

About the Free and Premium membership

According to many MeetMe reviews, this site does not emphasize the difference between premium and free memberships. The premium subscriptions are to enhance the users experience with features like boost your profile so that your profile can appear first on the search matches. Another premium feature would be using credits, which users can send as gifts in diamonds to other users, converted to in-app credit, or even crash. There are some different features as well, but they enhance the users’ experience. The premium experience comes at the following costs; the one-month member costs 6.99 USD. The three-months membership costs 16.99 USD being 5.66 USD per month. The six-months membership costs a total of 24.99 USD with 4.17 USD per month. As long as the credits are concerned, they come at a lower price and can buy bundles. The least amount of credits you can buy are 250 credits. There is a bundle of 250 (2.99 USD) as a starting, then 500 (4.99 USD), 625 (9.99 USD), 2000 (14.99 USD), and 3700 (24.99 USD). One token would be costing the user 0.01 USD except for the 625 credits bundle, which costs 0.02 per credit.

Free membership

The free account is said to be more than enough for anyone to keep using MeetMe, because many basic and essential features are free like:

  • Account registration and browsing profiles is free.
  • Profile creation, uploading photos, adding information is free on MeetMe.
  • Searching for a match is also free.
  • Messaging other members and interacting with them is free, which is one of the essential features.
  • The MeetMe live video streaming also has no charges to it, making the experience fun and entertaining.

Premium membership

Many Meetme reviews suggest that the premium account helps the user have a better experience on both the app and the MeetMe website, enabling members and users to interact and meet new people more quickly than usual. The features include:

  • You can see which members visited your profile and which pictures they checked. The only way to remove Ads is if you go premium on MeetMe.
  • More search filters are on unlock on MeetMe, such as ethnicity, body type, etc.
  • You can have your messages viewed as first in other people’s inboxes.
  • You can browse other people’s profiles anonymously on MeetMe.
  • You can make your profile better by decorating it by using themes etc.
Real Life Review about MeetMe

Real Life Review about MeetMe

The MeetMe reviews have extremes on both sides. Some people have said the website to be beneficial for them to meet new people, make new friends, go on dates, and come out of their shell. Experts say that it empowers men and women to go out of their bodies while being protected and safe. People have also reported some members to be very rude and not so welcoming. They want diamonds and feel as if they can pass judgment. The experience from the reviews are very mixed and gives a very confused image of the MeetMe website. Since so many features are free on MeetMe, it does help many users to enjoy more and more, but the free features invite scammers and dangerous people, which you have to look out for, avoid and bear.

How Active Are The Members On MeetMe

The members at MeetMe are active and available in huge quantities but are not available all the time. But the members on the forum, threads, and other features such as questions and MeetMe live, show good member activity. The member base of MeetMe has over 100 million users worldwide, with 50 million being from the USA and having 41,000 logins every day. 60% of members are male, while the remaining are female, but there is diversity as it is also a transsexual dating site, so it’s open for gays, lesbians, bisexuals.

Special features available on MeetMe

Is MeetMe a suitable site for marriage

This MeetMe review suggests that this site focuses on being more of a social platform than a dating platform. It is also a dating site and a social platform, emphasizing being a social platform. People usually end up going on dates with the people they interact with or meet, leading to a serious relationship and even marriage. Still, other websites will help the marriage seekers better as MeetMe doesn’t invite serious relationships.

Is MeetMe an effective site?

This MeetMe review suggests that if you want to meet new people and make new friends, then MeetMe is the place for you. Users have reported to have made new friends who ended up being very close to them. Users have even said to have met people whom they ended dating and even marrying. The MeetMe website serves its purpose well besides the open platform for scammers as well.


The Alternatives to MeetMe are different, as this is a social networking site instead of a dating site but is used as a dating site. The alternatives to this site would be AdultFriendFinder, eharmony, Zoosk, and even Instagram. Many new websites, such as BOGO, Omegle, etc. use features inspired by MeetMe, which gives this site even more competition.

Does MeetMe have a strong security system?

MeetMe is not considered safe because there is no feature like email verification or phone number verification. At the MeetMe sign-up, you are only asked for necessary information such as name, gender, date of birth etc. One good thing about MeetMe would be that profiles can be reported right away, and MeetMe takes these reports very seriously, but there are no safety features in specific.



This MeetMe review suggests that this serves as an excellent platform and accommodates people while being a social interaction website. MeetMe website is very preferred when people seek to new people and new friends. Still, the only problem is that this also invites many scammers and fake users because many of the basic and essential features are free on the website and the app.

The website lacks many features available on the application, which can be seen as a plus point. Still, applications can sometimes seem overwhelming to aged users who prefer using the old school desktop style. Since the website and app are a social platform for people looking to make friends and meet new people, the website and the app has an age restriction of 13 years. But since many users approach it for fun and games and dating and scamming and whatnot, it is not a safe place for the young users, which is allowed.

Many plus sides to this website, which many users seem to enjoy and experience, are the question feature. Many shy people and introverts find a way to check the other person’s interest before disclosing themselves and their identity and communicating simultaneously. It helps shy people and introverts build confidence and enjoy interacting and meeting new people. It is also used as a transsexual dating site as people can declare their gender identity and start interacting with people of their interest. Suppose the transexual members use the questions feature. In that case, they can anonymously ask a member if they are interested in dating, or they have a different gender identity and would like to meet or date people of their interest. As a dating site, transsexuals interact with people more freely and build confidence for themselves. People who have a flair for doing something new or trying new things have an enjoyable time on this platform.

The features MeetMe has to offer, such as the life, helps the users just be themselves and interact with other members. They can have live shows or anything of the sorts daily, entertain other members, and enjoy themselves, which can even have themselves rewarded in diamonds, which they can use to get credits for themselves and even earn cash. MeetMe website even rewards its popular members with credits and cash.

Considering the alternatives and competitors this site has, this site is cheap, considering the member base it has and the features it offers. The prices are very high for the same features on many other websites, which attracts many users towards MeetMe, and users don’t hesitate that much to have a paid experience.Paid experience has been reported to have enhanced and improved the user experience of members that get the subscription and members that interact with the people with a paid subscription. They send and receive gifts and use features like live feed spotlight help your feed remain at the top for some time, grabbing more attention and bringing more people to the discussion. You can have a bigger audience to entertain and interact with using that. It is another feature that helps the people who use this site as a dating site by having more people see who you are, and what you’re interested in, and people who you are interested in, might be observing from the viewers and might want to get in touch with you later on.

Another feature that assists members who use this platform as a dating website and a dating site is the match spotlight feature. It helps your profile stay at the top of the match section, drawing more eyes towards you, and bringing more secret admirers to the mix. The credits and diamonds feature brings some earning to the members that want to have more fun and be entertaining to their viewers and even though the earning is not substantial, but it’s a good amount considering; 80,000 diamonds are equal to 200 USD, 200,000 diamonds are equal to 500 USD, and 400,000 diamonds are equal to 1000 USD. Diamonds can be converted to credits as well, which the user can use to boost their profile and improve their experience on MeetMe. Two hundred diamonds are equal to 100 credits, 500 diamonds are equal to 250 credits, 2000 diamonds are equal to 1000 credits, etc. It is a site that serves people that are looking to make new friends and willing to meet new people while having some excitement and entertainment.

This platform has been serving its main purpose since 2005 and has been very successful in its ways because it brought something new to the online world. This site helps shy people and wants to learn to interact at their pace and come out of their shells. It is even used as a dating site by many as this site recognizes different genders and gender identities, and they can use this site’s features to meet people of their interest.

The MeetMe website eventually took a turn of a dating website, but that was done by the users and was not its focus. But the lack of security features, the absence of customer service, and no response or to the feedback or action taken upon it invites many rude and dangerous people and scammers and fake profiles that users often come across. They mostly disrespect women and often ask for diamonds and money and disturb members just to have fun and make friends. If these problems can be dealt with or borne, then MeetMe is a social platform to meet and connect with new people rather than people you already know, and who knows, maybe you click with one of them.

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