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Match.com Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Match.com Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 1 250 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Match has a continuously improving, and continuously learning algorithm that optimizes a user’s experience using the user’s feedback, usage and behavior.
  • Diverse opportunities for searching and discovering new members.
  • Match website adds new features and functionalities, and updates the website and app very frequently.
  • Match accommodates a very diverse crowd, and is also a very frequently used, and a preferred transsexual dating site.
  • Match offers a free app on both iOS and Android.
  • It takes a very long time for a profile to get to approved and registered on Match.
  • Monthly subscription cost is higher than average, and compared to its competitors.
  • Getting back online, and then going offline is a lengthy procedure.
  • Match has very few free features.
  • Messaging is a paid feature on Match website.

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Match.com website is one of the oldest dating sites, started in 1993 and having its official launch in 1995. It is operated by the Match group, which has a diverse platform for people worldwide who are single, and want to meet new people, and to find love. It started of as a very basic website but also became a transsexual dating website with the evolving world, and is ranked very high and preferred very much as a transsexual dating website. Match dating website gave out free lifetime memberships to its initial users for some time in the beginning, and the members have only increased ever since with new people signup to this very day. Match.com website is available in over 24 countries and offers its services in 15 languages. When creating profiles, users describe themselves and what they seek in their partner, and there are some other tools that we will discuss in this Match.com review. Being an open dating website, there are no limitations to how, when and who you can interact with. Anyone who interests you, you can talk to them and ask them out. Match dating website focuses on being worth it in terms of time and money of an online user.

Furthermore, match is so confident in their features and services that guarantee that you will find your desired partner within six months of use, and if you do not, you will be given a free 6-months extension in your membership. Match dating website has even claimed to have produced the most marriages and relationships compared to other websites, and even other dating sites. The features of Match website will help you find anything that you want from a new person. Match will help you make new friends, meet new people, go on casual dates, and perhaps even find love. Even though the website has a lot to offer, most of what Match offers is paid, but seeing that it has over 8 Million premium users worldwide, it seems as if nobody seems to mind the charges but that will be discussed later on this Match.com review. The most important thing about a dating website is not how good it looks, but instead how well it works, and how well the website’s features perform.

Match.com website

A unique thing about Match.com is its unique matchmaking algorithm. Most dating websites usually use lengthy questionnaires, to get to know who you are and what you are seeking in your partner and present users, and profiles in accordance to that. Match website is different because not only does it uses the details of who you are and what you want in a partner (features, attributes, age, etc.), but it also takes into account of your actions on the website and use that to optimize your experience and matchmaking. For example, if you have stated that you are looking for “redheads,” but while using the website you also seem to be taking an interest in blondes, then the algorithm will learn that, and started showing some blondes among the redhead profiles.

When most people are done with free dating websites, then the best next step is usually Match, when they want to level up on their dating game. Match has a marketing campaign that shows off that Match dating website leads to more second dates compared to its other competitors, because it’s no longer rare or embarrassing to be dating online and using paid accounts. It can be used as any kind of dating website such as, a transsexual dating website, a website for casual hookups, a website for casual dating, a website to make new friends, a website to meet new people and perhaps a website to find love. The popularity of Match comes from its many features that are unique and specific to Match website only, such as themed events that are exciting dating occasions, member discovery, one-on-one communication, a really powerful search tool that filters searches to the last detail, etc. Member profiles are rich in information but not so overwhelming that the user feel some drag in reading them. The viewing of a profile is customized to the person using it.

The profiles have numerous photos, and information and the user can decide how much, or how little they want to share, creating a flexibility, attracting all sorts of people. Match website is designed to match singles but having a member base of committed members as well, it is also used as a hookup website, and having a big transsexual member base, it used to accommodate other genders too.

Website Design And Usability

The website design and usability can be experienced from the moment of registration on the website. The sign-up is a very through and detailed process taking about 20-30 mins minimum, having many questions to answer, and many details to be provided. As soon as you go on the website, you find a very aesthetic display, with a popup asking you of your gender. Then you answer it and the next question is the gender of your interest. If you answer your gender as being “male” and answer the gender of interest as “male” then match offers its experience and services as a transsexual dating site.

Then you input your zip code for location-based search of potential partners. Then you are directed to the next screen where you input your email, address, password, and date of birth. After that, you enter your name and select whether you want to meet people by zip code proximity or regional proximity. Then you will come across five screens. The first will ask you about what physical features you seek in your partner, such as height weight, hair colour etc. and what which features will put you off. The next screen would have questions related to the kind of background you’re looking for in your partner such as education, ethnicity, religion and which background details are a turn off for you.

The profile design

Then there will be screens related to information like their relationship status, how many kids they have, do they want to have kids, their habits, smoking habits, drinking habits, their hobbies, income, and you can put a check on about the details that might be a no for you except for the income. The next process includes the same questions as the one you answered for your potential partner, but this time you answer them for you, so that the person viewing your profile can get to know you more. Because profiles are optimized and viewed in a custom manner to whomever that views it, highlighting similarity in hobbies, interests, or any other detail, and an additional of what “they are looking for.”

The profile design and interface is very simple, clear and an understandable design which is very easy to use. The Match site has a headers menu which shows its features and the app has icons for the display of features. Match website has a design that has fewer details but the fewer details have a lot of attention given to them, which every generation appreciates.

Match uses icons instead of words to describe information and sections on a member’s profile. The website appears very pleasing for the eyes as the only colors used are blue, white and the contacting icons emphasized with pink. This color scheme promotes the use of both the Match website and application. The profiles turn out very detailed and information rich because people provide a lot of information at the profile builder section.

It shows the bio and summary you write about yourself and about the kind of person you’re looking for, with a list of the questions you answered during the registration process. There is also an album that can have up to 26 pictures of you. There is also a highlighted view of mutual interests between you and the member you’re viewing, and also what the member is looking for in their partner. There is a display of a percentage of the member’s compatibility with the member they are viewing and three suggestions of profiles similar to the one you are already viewing. All this is based upon your interest and the member’s interest, and what both of you are looking for.

Match Mobile App

Match app is available to download on both the iOS and Android for free, it just requires some space to install. The Match website application does not have any specific features, but does have all the features from the website. What’s special about the app is the browsing and ease in use, that enhances the experience of the mobile app user.

The Match Phone option does work better on the phone though, and the app enables the users to draw up conversations anytime they want. Match has a very straightforward interface, having the contacting icons at the bottom of the screen. The member’s profile has actions button which are accessible, for better and easy use of the apps contacting feature.

Special Features Of Match website

Special Features Of Match website

Features are available on match upon login and are very special for the liking of its members, but most of these features require a paid membership.


Boost puts up your profile at the top in the “discover” and “matches” for one full hour. This feature is very liked by the members as it’s an add-on special feature.

Reverse Matches

People you are not compatible with show up in a list called “reverse matches.” You can choose to browse through them and interact with them to try out new things.


When you like a member, or when a member likes you, you can see this in the “Like” tab. You need a subscription to see who likes you.

Voice Calls

Match.com website gives you a custom number, which you can use to do voice calls with another member anonymously using the “Matchphone.”

Highlighting Your Profile

This is a paid feature that puts you on top of the suggestions list of the member whose profile you are viewing by clicking on the “Match me” feature on the member’s profile.

The Guaranteed Satisfaction

Match.com claims you will find a match within six months of usage, and if you don’t, you will be given a free six months extension in the membership. In order to avail this guarantee offer, you need to buy the six months membership package.

SOS And Date Check In

This is a safety feature that allows members to assign three emergency contacts, for when members go out and meet their match. These 3 designated contacts will receive the location of the date, the time of date and the date’s name. Match.com sends messages that are automated, asking the member if they are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. If the member selects yes, the three emergency contacts will receive an SOS signal. This ensures safety of users and promotes more dates, meet ups and physical interactions.

Vibe Check

Vibe Check is an in-app video chatting feature of Match.com, to help members connect and communicate at a better level. Vibe Check can only be used if the members have already matched up and communicated with each other. At the bottom of the messages, a black video icon will appear, and a request to join the video chat will be sent when you click on the icon.

Free And Premium Account

Free And Premium Account

Compared to its competitors, Match is averagely priced, as the subscriptions and the features that come with are not too pricey. There are two plans offered by Match website, premium and standard, and premium gets you more exclusive features. Free accounts can only help you “window-shop” but won’t take you any further as even messaging is a paid feature on Match.

What Do You Get For Free At Match?

Free services include:

  • View member profile.
  • Participate in matchmaking game.
  • Receiving one match at a time.
  • Searching and browsing for other members
  • Sending likes or “winks.”
  • Creation of Profile.
  • Account registration.

What Do You Get If You Pay?

Paid Features are very exclusive, but include some basic features as well:

  • Sending message is a paid feature on Match website and app.
  • Instant messenger, is a feature that keeps your message at the top of the inbox.
  • You can check who viewed your profile.
  • You can be notified when someone has read your email.
  • Be in one of the daily matches of someone or many people.
  • Voice call other members using Matchphone.
  • Browsing anonymously.

The paid membership plan has 3 varieties of both premium and standard. For the premium, the charges are:

  • 3 Months plan, being $14.99 per month and $44.97 in total.
  • 6-months plan, being $68.94 in total which is $11.49 per month.
  • The 12-months plan costs $107.88, being $8.99 per month.
he standard membership has the following plan

The standard membership has the following plan:

  • 3 months, $38.97 in total, being $12.99 per months.
  • 6 months, $59.94 in total, being $9.99 per month.
  • And 12 months, $95.88 in total, being $7.99 per month.

The boost feature can be availed at the following charges to put your profile at the top in “discover” and “matches” for one full hour:

  • 1 credit $0.99
  • 5 credit $4.00 (0.80 per credit)
  • 10 credit $6.00 (0.60 per credit)

Real Life Review

This is a Match.com review from a user and a person usual in dating. A member, Jones, 31, from NYC tells about his experience of Match.com and how the website helped him with his love life. He tells that he just got out of a 5-year long relationship, and it took him some casual hookups and dating to deal with it. After all that, he felt ready for some serious commitment and remembered using Match.com once long before. He went on the Match.com, set up a profile and started receiving daily matches. After some time, he had a match with a beautiful girl, they started chatting on the Match.com website and have been going out for a month now.

Does Match.com Have a Lot Of Active Members?

Match.com has over 20 million users worldwide with 4 million being from the USA. More than 8 million members have premium membership, and Match.com website and app have 3 million logins daily. There is an almost proportionate percentage in age ranges, with the highest percentage of male being in the range 25-34 years of age, and the highest female percentage being in the range 35-44 years of age. Male make up 55% of the member base, and female make up the remaining 45%. The member activity is really high, and members respond to messages and other forms of interaction quicker than compared to many other websites.

Is Match.com For People Seeking Marriage

There is no option for registration for people who are already committed or already married. Match.com does not promote relationships out of the norm or third wheel kind. It is a dating website for singles who are looking for serious relationships and real commitments. And since the website is paid, not many people opt for Match.com as for hookups.

How Effective is Match.com


Match.com is one of the most used websites even after having most features as paid. The website has a good result data to speak for its performance, quality and claims. 38% of its members have been reported to be in a relationship that started on Match.com and last for over a month, and 33% of the members were reported to have been in relationships that started on Match.com and lasted for more than 4 months and more than 1.6 million have already claimed to have found their partner.


There are a few alternatives to Match.com which people usually use before eventually ending up on Match.com and sometimes use after Match.com. For example, eharmony, elite singles, zoosk, and Ashley Madison are all good competitors and alternatives to Match.com.

How Secure Is Match.com

Match.com is one of the safest dating websites, and one of the most scammers-free sites. Since all basic and essential communication functions are paid, scammers don’t spend money just to hook their prey. The profile goes through a very thorough check and verification when submitted to a moderator. There is a very easy way to report and block and profile and Match.com takes all this very seriously. You can block and report a profile by clicking on the three dots icon on the top right of the profile which will open a list of options, also containing the “report” and “block” option.


In this Match.com website review, we discussed all the features, functions, and services Match has to offer, and at what cost. Considering all the facts and figures from this Match.com review, we can clearly realize that Match.com website is a really good dating website for singles who are looking for serious relationships or to at least proper, decent new people. The website also functions exactly the same as a transsexual dating site, and is widely used among these gender identities but to a limited extent. Match.com has a claim that if you do not find an ideal match within six months of use, then a free 6-months extension will be given to you on your membership. The website serves well in its purpose of finding new people, new partners, new dates, and even love, but you have to bear with some expenses and which will just optimize and improve your experience, reducing scammers and non-serious users.

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