Kik Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Kik Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 25-26
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has a very easy to use interface. The straightforward interface allows many people to use the site even if they have never used a chatting site before.
  • The site is available for free download on the apple and google play store. Free downloading is one reason there are many members on this site, as many people are not willing to pay for a site just to download it.
  • There are a variety of people on this site located all around the world. A variety of people means you have higher chances of finding someone who would have the qualities you desire. It can also help you know people from different cultures and religions, which can be a very informative and exciting experience for you.
  • They are often new updates on the application, so a user never gets bored of chatting on it as the updates add many more new features on the site. Updates means a better chatting experience and common glitches. Users can upgrade anytime an update comes.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with someone or if a member keeps on sending you unwanted messages, you can easily block them, and they’ll never be able to contact you on the site again.
  • The app version does not require a phone.
  • The chatbox shows if a member has read your message or is typing.
  • Users have the option of sending temporary images. This option is handy for people who want to send their pictures but only want them to see it for a few moments.
  • The Kik service is free for everyone. Since it is free, anyone from kids to older people can sign up here and chat. It also makes it accessible for almost everyone to download and use this app. As there are more people on this site because it’s free, it becomes more fun as you now have many people to start a conversation with.
  • The application is only 9.5MB. This number is a lot lesser than many other online chatting apps. So if you are running low on storage, you would still not have to worry about downloading this app because it would consume a minor amount of your mobile storage.
  • Users have the option of personalizing the data according to their choice. Everyone has different preferences of the data they want to upload and don’t want to, and this site gives users the freedom of choice for it.
  • Teenagers and youngsters are highly involved in sexting on this site. If a young girl or boy starts sexting with a stranger, he/she can take a bad advantage of the teen.
  • Most of the members are teenagers, which makes it a site not much appropriate for adults looking for serious conversations with people of the same age.
  • There are many people in their early teens or even at the age of 12 signing up on this site. Older strangers may start messaging them and sending them sexually explicit content, which can have a negative impact on them at such a young age.
  • There is a restriction on the size of pictures and videos you can send to the chatbox members. This restriction may prevent you from sending specific images and videos you wished to and can affect your satisfaction level from using Kik.
  • There is no function for sharing your location on the app. Not having this function can be quiet troublesome as you may be meeting your online friend, but it would be difficult for them to find your exact location.
  • There is a lack of synchronization between different devices. If you have your app downloaded on both your tablet and phone, you might be receiving your new messages on a tablet but not receiving them on the phone simultaneously.
  • Users do not have to enter their phone number. They have to enter the necessary information for registration, resulting in fake accounts on the site.

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