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Kik Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Kik Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
About Site
Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 25-26
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has a very easy to use interface. The straightforward interface allows many people to use the site even if they have never used a chatting site before.
  • The site is available for free download on the apple and google play store. Free downloading is one reason there are many members on this site, as many people are not willing to pay for a site just to download it.
  • There are a variety of people on this site located all around the world. A variety of people means you have higher chances of finding someone who would have the qualities you desire. It can also help you know people from different cultures and religions, which can be a very informative and exciting experience for you.
  • They are often new updates on the application, so a user never gets bored of chatting on it as the updates add many more new features on the site. Updates means a better chatting experience and common glitches. Users can upgrade anytime an update comes.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with someone or if a member keeps on sending you unwanted messages, you can easily block them, and they’ll never be able to contact you on the site again.
  • The app version does not require a phone.
  • The chatbox shows if a member has read your message or is typing.
  • Users have the option of sending temporary images. This option is handy for people who want to send their pictures but only want them to see it for a few moments.
  • The Kik service is free for everyone. Since it is free, anyone from kids to older people can sign up here and chat. It also makes it accessible for almost everyone to download and use this app. As there are more people on this site because it’s free, it becomes more fun as you now have many people to start a conversation with.
  • The application is only 9.5MB. This number is a lot lesser than many other online chatting apps. So if you are running low on storage, you would still not have to worry about downloading this app because it would consume a minor amount of your mobile storage.
  • Users have the option of personalizing the data according to their choice. Everyone has different preferences of the data they want to upload and don’t want to, and this site gives users the freedom of choice for it.
  • Teenagers and youngsters are highly involved in sexting on this site. If a young girl or boy starts sexting with a stranger, he/she can take a bad advantage of the teen.
  • Most of the members are teenagers, which makes it a site not much appropriate for adults looking for serious conversations with people of the same age.
  • There are many people in their early teens or even at the age of 12 signing up on this site. Older strangers may start messaging them and sending them sexually explicit content, which can have a negative impact on them at such a young age.
  • There is a restriction on the size of pictures and videos you can send to the chatbox members. This restriction may prevent you from sending specific images and videos you wished to and can affect your satisfaction level from using Kik.
  • There is no function for sharing your location on the app. Not having this function can be quiet troublesome as you may be meeting your online friend, but it would be difficult for them to find your exact location.
  • There is a lack of synchronization between different devices. If you have your app downloaded on both your tablet and phone, you might be receiving your new messages on a tablet but not receiving them on the phone simultaneously.
  • Users do not have to enter their phone number. They have to enter the necessary information for registration, resulting in fake accounts on the site.

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KIk is one of the most popular online chatting sites worldwide. Kik interactive inc was launched in 2009 by some Canadian students, and they launched Kik messenger in 2010.

It is not only a site where strangers talk, but it is also a place where people meet their friends and talk to them. It is primarily a very famous site among the school and college students. Many students have their class group made on this site where they interact about their classwork and assignments. As there is no age limit, a lot of kids are on this site. Since students created this site, they knew which features teenagers and youngsters want in a chatting site, so they made it according to the market demand. This site’s idea was inspired by a Chinese chatting site, which was highly popular among the youth of China. So the students of Waterloo University, Canada, used that idea to create a better, more advanced version of a chatting site, which gained a lot of popularity in the next few years. The members on the Kik website have grown more year by year.

This site has more than 2000,000 active profiles. Most of the members on this site are from the USA, Australia, and Canada but apart from this, there are members from all around the world here. It is an international site that is widely available. The communication here is cross-cultural. This communication is because there are members of different religions, cultures, and races on this site. It is open to all types of people. Members from any sexual orientation such as gays, lesbians, bisexuals are welcomed here as well. This site allows its users to easily search for their friends or family by putting their names. To allow a distinct feature, each user has a QR code. If anyone scans the QR code of a user, then it would instantly show their profile.

This site has a variety of communication features such as messages, sending gifs, and much more, which would be further discussed in this Kik review. Your contacts on this site will be saved, and the chat history remains as well, so you will not lose any important messages or pictures your friends would send you.

Moreover, what distinguishes this site from the rest is that it is highly focused on introducing new updates that match the market trends and make the chatting experience more fun. Users would always have something new to try on this site. Features such as discovery bots and bible bots will be further discussed in this review. These features make the site such an exciting place to be on.

There is a balanced male to female ratio on this site. Male members are 53%, while female members are 47%. Most of the members on this site are teenagers and youth between the age range of 13-23. There is no minimum and maximum age limit.

If you want to enter an online chatting community of different people from all around the world or even interact with your friends and family, then you should consider signing up on this site. Keep reading this Kik review to know more about this site.

Website Interface And Usability

Kik Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

Kik is a site where users can send messages, pictures, videos, and much more for free. It is available on all platforms, including IOS, google play store, desktop, amazon, and windows mobile software.

The site has a green and white color theme, which looks very cool. It is very user friendly. All icons and options are written clearly on the screen, and the server loads very fast. If you are mostly new to using a social media app, this site would be very handy because it’s simple to use, and you can easily see the help center to get any guidance you want regarding the usage of the site.

Signing up on this site is very easy and only takes five minutes. You have to put your first and last name, birth date (to calculate your exact age), nickname, email, and a password. You can then add a profile picture. It is advised to add your best picture as that would attract the most members. Adding your profile picture would also make it easier for your friends and family to find you on this site. Users can write about themselves in the bio as much as they want. They can add any data they desire. Putting up interesting and unique facts about you would make your profile look more legit and attract more members. You can also answer the Kik questions, which are a list of questions highlighting your personality’s prominent features.

Does It Have A Mobile Application?

Kik Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This site does have a mobile application for IOS, google play store, and mobile Windows devices. The application is very convenient to use and makes it possible for users to communicate with members anywhere and anytime. Users can turn on notifications, so they are notified the second they receive a message. Users can register on the mobile device or log in using the email and password they had created their account previously. After you enter your information for login, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address to ensure you are the same person putting your account on the mobile device. If you did not receive an email address, you would have to request an email again.

The applications allow you to view the active status of members. You can also change your avatar and create or be added to group chats. You can send, receive messages, send emojis, temporary photos, use discovery bots and send web links. It has all the features which the site does, and according to a lot of Kik reviews, many people prefer the app version over the desktop version as it is more convenient, fast, and you can chat at any place on it.

Special Features And Updates

Kik Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This site has launched many updates in the past ten years. These updates have added many special features on the site.

This site has a great process of correspondence. Since it is an app mainly to message, it has features that support its messaging system. Users can send messages, make group chats, be added to group chats, and talk to many people simultaneously. You can text one person, and while they are typing, you can message another person. The site works very fast and well, no matter how many people you’re talking to at the same time.

Users can send as many photos and videos as they want. Sending your pictures and videos makes the messaging more fun and enables you to share the memories saved in your phone. But users cannot send pictures or videos which are greater than 12 MB.

There are many stickers free to use. There are various sticks on the Kik website and app, which makes it easier and quicker to express your emotions. It also makes the conversation look more colorful and energetic. The free stickers are already a lot, but if someone wants more stickers, they can purchase a pack of additional stickers only for $2.

People who do not prefer stickers but are artistic and want to draw their emotions can use the sketch feature. You can show off your excellent sketching skills by using the sketch feature. This sketching feature allows users to make sketches on a blank white screen using different colors and sending them to the person you are chatting with.

The site has blocked any advertisements or spam messages. Users can chat comfortably without having any unwanted ad pop up on their screen to disrupt their conversation flow.

This site uses outstanding software which makes the delivery of messages fast. Messages are delivered in less than a second, depending on your wifi, even if they are multiple texts.

This application has a feature that sets it apart from other sites, which is the built-in bot feature. You can browse exciting content, pictures, videos, articles, and any files online without leaving the app. These bots are in a particular section written as “Discovery bots.”

A store in the app called “bot store” allows users to order food directly through the app. So if you have been chatting for too long with your friends and you feel hungry, you can just order food through the app within a minute. Without even having to stop your messaging.

There is a feature called “wubbles” that enables content on media to be shared on the app in conversational threads.

A concierge bot was released in the 2016 update, which would give users tips and reviews about different brands. This was a handy feature because if there is a trending product and you’re unsure if you should purchase it, then you can just see the tutorial and make a decision. Although these tutorials are of specific brands.

Free And Premium Memberships

Kik Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

Keep reading this Kik review to get to know more about their free and premium memberships

Free Account Features

This site has some fascinating features to give you a unique messaging experience. The best part is that all of these features are free:

  • Send and receiving messages.
  • Viewing the received and read sign on the messages or the typing status in each chatbox.
  • Can talk to other users by video call/chat
  • Send your photos and videos to other members.
  • A variety of stickers and gifs on the site which you can send to make the conversations more fun.
  • Browse through the Kik bots, and there are different bots such as discovery, astronomy, learn bot, concierge, which allows users to view different content on media and learn about brands, their astrological sign, etc.
  • You can conduct polls to take opinions of others on various topics or even answer on polls yourself.
  • You can add up to 49 members in one group chat.
  • QR code for each member, which allows you to find your friends and family on this by scanning their QR code. It’s a great feature that prevents you from accidentally contacting someone else.
  • Edit and show your avatar.
  • Can block any member they want.

Premium Account Features

Kik Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

The most ideal thing about this site is that it is absolutely free. All you need for using the features on this app is wifi. The only feature which is paid on this site is the option of purchasing additional stickers, which only cost $2. But most of the Kik reviews from users suggest there is no need to purchase stickers because the free stickers are already more than enough.

Real Life Reviews From Kik Users

Kik Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

“My boyfriend moved to a different city for his college. We were very worried about how we will stay in contact when we’re so far apart. So on a friend’s suggestion, we downloaded the Kik messaging app, and it has made things so much easier for us. The messages get sent very quickly, and we both can talk on the app anywhere and anytime. It also has the video call option, so whenever we’re alone, we talk on a video call, and the quality of it is outstanding” – Rebecca, 20

Are There A Lot Of Active Members On Kik?

This site has more than 2 million members, and most of them are active. Most of the members here are young teens and adults. People of this age group seem to be more fond of online chatting, and this is why the members here are most active.

Is Kik For People Who Want To Get Married?

Kik Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This site/app is not a match-making service. It is just a messaging app and not a dating app. Most of the members on this site only want to chat and are not trying to find a soul mate here. So this site is not for members who want to get married.

How Effective Is Kik

This app is not effective in finding a match for you, as it is not a match-making app. But there are a few chances of finding a lover here. It is a messaging app, so it is very effective for the purpose it has been built for, which is to help people stay connected by messages and video calls.


Whatsapp: A free online messaging app that allows messages, group chat calls, and video calls.

Line: Free messaging app and many fun stickers to send.

Chatiw: An online messaging site/app which allows users to talk to people from all around the world.

What Security Features Does Kik Offer Its Users?

This site uses a very powerful cybersecurity to ensure the safety of data of its users. Hacking of accounts is very rare. Any user can block or report an account, and the customer service is very responsive to any issues. Kik joined the global virtual task force to moderate the pictures which are sent in chats. Sexually explicit content shared to under 18 kids by users will be moderated, and accounts may get reported if anything unethical is noticed.


Kik Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This site has a high number of members and is considered a fast, fun, and secure messaging app. The site often launches updates, which makes the messaging experience even better. It is an excellent site to stay in contact with your loved ones or even find new people online. By introducing bots, the app has become more than just a messaging app as there is internet browsing and learning you can do from using Kik. This site Is a really good place for anyone who likes chatting.

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