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FetLife Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

FetLife Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
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Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • FetLife has an exceptionally helpful community.
  • Membership is cheaper than other websites.
  • It has several categories of kinks from different countries.
  • FetLife supports all kinds of sexual orientations.
  • Gender selection in the sign-up process has 13 different types of gender selection.
  • FetLife has a dull background and interface.
  • No live streaming available.
  • Members can’t register through Facebook or Google.
  • Many of the users do not show pictures and faces.
  • There is no way to filter or customized search results
  • Video feature in FetLife is not available for free.

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FetLife is a platform or social site where people worldwide are free to fulfill their fetishism, BDSM, and kink fantasies.

The phenomenon of being sexually attracted to non-living objects rather than a human being is called fetishism, and the group of people who develops fetishism is called a fetish.

A group of people who like to go beyond traditional sex practices is called a kink. These practices are usually considered taboo in some states.

BDSM is a term used for erotic, rough, and extreme sexual behaviors and practices. BDSM is a short form of BD, DS, and SM. We’ll explore these terms in more detail in this FetLife Review.

BD: BD stands for Bondage and Discipline: The meaning of bondage in terms of sex is binding, tying, off-putting, or tying your partner in any way to seek erotic sexual pleasure. You can do it with tapes, ropes, handcuffs, straitjackets, collars, handkerchiefs, etc. There are many items available in a sex shop to facilitate this practice. This whole act is done with the partner’s consent. In various FetLife reviews, people have actually reported that they found their dates in sex shops.

Discipline in BD is a practice in which one partner (dominant) puts forward some rules which the other partner (submissive) must follow. If anyone breaks any laws, the submissive partner will get a punishment in any form of pain. Discipline can be rough sex, brutal kissing, biting, etc. Again, all this is done with the consent of both partners. In other words, discipline means to control, giving orders, and giving punishment.

DS: DS stands for dominance and submission. Dominant or top and submissive or bottom are the roles of partners. The dominant is the one who gets to control the submissive partner. Dominance and submission have their own individual set of behaviors.

SM: SM stands for sadism and masochism. Sadist and masochist refer to the one who feels great pleasure in giving and getting pain. The sadist likes giving pain, which can be both physical and mental. On the other hand, the masochist enjoys receiving pains and humiliation. People who practice sadomasochism feel sexual pleasure with these acts.

FetLife is a social site that does not limit its services to only a specific type of sexuality. Some members are straight, gays, lesbians, transgender from male to female, transgender from female to male, and many others. Everyone is welcome to fulfill their fantasies about BDSM. All of them are registered here to take advantage of a website specially designed for BDSM lovers. There are dominants and submissive who wants to meet a partner. FetLife has over 9 million registered members and growing with time. It facilitates people to have sexy meet-ups and parties.

Members can send audios, pictures, videos to other users. They can also post about their sexual adventures to an interested person—a person who seems interested in reading, seeing, or hearing those adventurous fantasies. Members can post about their fetishes, exchange ideas, and chat about ideas thought to be taboo in the everyday world. Also, there is an allocated space where users can update future events for BDSM lovers in their nearby communities. There are some things that need to be informed and understand with this FetLife review.

  • Safe: Activities must be completely safe and do not cause damage or put anyone’s health at serious risk. This often requires research and practice!
  • Sane: You shouldn’t play when you’re intoxicated. You have to engage in activities and make decisions if you are sober and in a reasonable frame of mind.

  • Consensual: Members have to choose every act. It is essential in activities where people are pretending to or, in-fact, surrendering their autonomy to another. This includes a detailed discussion of activities beforehand, establishing clear boundaries, and agreeing on a safe word or other kinds of code. Participants can halt the activity since the usual expressions of refusal are often part of the game. The code may include both a word that leads to a full hard stop of all activities and a separate word to indicate that one person is not comfortable with the direction. A scene is taking but does not wish to stop altogether (usually, red and yellow, respectively).

Website user-friendliness and features

Website user-friendliness and features

Sign-Up Process

The home page of FetLife is a welcome page. It only has a few lines to greet the visitors and two buttons. The first is for log-in, and the other is to join. If you already have an account on FetLife, sign in using the email address and password. Click on the “Join FetLife” button to create an account on FetLife. A new tab will open with a sign-up form. The form consists of the following fields:

  • Nickname: Fill this field with your desired handle to use on FetLife. If the alias is already taken, you will need to select any other nickname. The website will give you similar options derived from your desired nickname. You can either choose any of the suggestions or type a new one.
  • Gender: Fetlife has several options in the drop-down menu to select your gender. The possibilities include male, female, ten more options, and also non-applicable.

  • Sexual orientation: selecting sexual orientation refers to the type of sexuality you hold. FetLife has several sexual orientations that you can choose from a drop-down menu.
  • The menu includes fourteen different sexualities.

  • Role: selecting the role refers to your preference kink or fetish. FetLife has several role plays that you can choose from a drop-down menu. These roles are one of the points of interest in this FetLife review.
  • The menu includes more than 30 different options to choose from, so no matter how unique your kinks are, there will always be someone willing to fulfill them.

  • Date of Birth: Choose the year you are born in from drop-down menus of date, month, and year.
  • Location: Specify your location by selecting your country from the list available in the drop-down menu.
  • Email Address: Type your email id.
  • Password: think of a complicated password for your account.

The only uncommon part of signing up for FetLife is that a phone is needed— the website sends you a verification text message with a code that you need to enter before continuing. The platform asks you to list your kinks and fetishes during sign-up, which it uses to automatically recommend groups that you may want to join and users that you may want to follow. You are to provide a free membership after that brief phase, with which you can access the vast majority of the web content — all but videos. It’s just $5 if you want to see the footage. The FetLife reviews have proven that the videos are indeed worth checking out.

About the mobile application

A mobile application helps grow any business by keeping its customers engaged more and making the usage more comfortable. It also allows people to always stay connected with each other. FetLife also offers a mobile application for ease of use, comfort, and match with the modern era’s requirements. FetLife application is available for both IOS and Android, so anyone can use it on any mobile, tablet, or desktop and make the most FetLife features.

Key Features

Key Features


This feature allows members to see information and videos of several types of fetishes. FetLife has both extreme and light types of BDSM, which members can search. This feature is best for beginners and the ones who are using the site for the first time.


Chat is also a prominent feature of FetLife, but it is not free of cost. When a person joins FetLife, he/she will be allowed to see some photos and have access to some profiles for free.


Members can post videos on their profiles and share them with other members. Hence, you can watch adult videos on users’ profiles but after paying some charges. Members can inbox adult videos to anyone or in open chats.


Events are one of the best features of FetLife. Great for the members who want a meet-up with like-minded people outside of the online world.

Sign Up:

Anyone can sign-up on FetLife free of cost. One-click registration service using Facebook or Google accounts is not available.

After the member is done with registration, he will be directed to a page with some questionnaires. There will be around 100 questions about the user’s fetish, sexual preferences, and BDSM. It is advised to the user not to miss or skip this section because it is an excellent service from FetLife. After getting all the answers, the user will be provided with a list of suitable matches to save time and effort.


A user is allowed to share as much as he likes on his profile. There is no limitation from FetLife. Your FetLife profile page is categorized into six sections. The first section has all the information the user entered in the sign-up form. The second section is the highlight of your main benefits. The third section on FetLife allows users to show any relationship with another user. The fourth section on FetLife is to link any social media links. The fifth and sixth parts are for keeping your videos and pictures.

The Representatives & Communications

The downright colossal user base is one of the most enticing features of FetLife.A fascinatingly wide variety of ages and sexual desires exists. People vary from curious outsiders to the kink community and their private dungeons to experienced dominatrixes. Messaging them works much like email until you add someone as a friend.

Main Functionalities:
  • Public blogs offer tonnes of free user-made pornographic material.
  • Groups of debates explore individual sexual preferences and locations.
  • A big, accepting, friendly community
  • Exceptionally robust free association
  • You can follow your favorite users with a Facebook-like feed
About the free and Premium accounts

About the free and Premium accounts

The primary features of the FetLife website are available free of cost. Moreover, the user is given a 7-day trial of premium membership with all the features after registration.

Free Account features

Creating an account, messaging, and viewing other member’s profiles on FetLife is free for everyone. After the registration process, FetLife offers a seven day free trial to its new users to enjoy the site with all its features unlocked. But, to avail of their offer, members are required to enter their credit card details.

Premium membership features

Premium versions allow users to view adult videos uploaded on the other members’ profiles. There are only three main subscriptions on the platform. It is a minimum of 6 months. With a premium membership, all the features are available to use. The following plans are available as payment plans:

  • $30/ six months.
  • $60/12 months.
  • $120/24 months.
  • Want to use it for a lifetime? Only pay $240.
The real life reviews from users

The real life reviews from users

The overall rating is 3.8, with 32 ratings. This is according to the data that has been collected from all the FetLife reviews people have provided on various platforms.

Chris F

“Fetlife is a great site for dating. I recently had a breakup and was suffering emotionally and needed love, support, and sex. I found beautiful, loving, and caring girls here who were willing to understand my emotions and were there with me during all circumstances. It has been a great experience, and I would recommend it to other people.”


“I was bored with dating girls. But on Fetlife, I got to meet so many different types of girls. I am bisexual, so I was able to find men and women both for dating. They were very open to any type of relationship, and they were very understanding. For people interested in unique relationships, Fetlife would be a wonderful option.”

Mrs. Mcgowan

“On this site, I got to know better about myself as I met some wonderful men here. I am married, but I needed something casual with someone, and people were willing to give me that. The members on Fetlife are not judgmental at all. They will make sure you feel safe and comfortable talking to them. I have never been happier using a dating site. I explored myself and my kinks and emotions better on this site. I never thought using FetLife would change my life so much. It is better than I imagined. Using this site is so worth it.”

How active are the members on FetLife?

According to FetLife website, there are 9,080,033 registered members who have shared 49,544,034 pictures and 1,040,007 videos. Members have participated in 10,127,841 discussions in 143,188 groups. Activities of members also include going to 899,287 events and reading 3,660,607 blog posts.

Is Fetlife suitable for people interested in marriage?

Dating is not the primary purpose of this website. This website is meant for BDSM purposes. However, if a member feels harmony with any other member and both members fall in love, they can marry. But this is highly unlikely on a platform like FetLife because there are other dedicated sites for marriage purposes.

Is FetLife an effective site for finding a match?

By looking at the number of active and registered members on FetLife, it seems quite useful. FetLife has many advantages over other regular dating sites. This website does what it claims, i-e giving the BDSM lover community a platform to meet people of the same interests. FetLife website helps shy people to mingle without the fear of rejection. Gathering the BDSM community from all around the world gives every member a chance to talk, date, meet, enjoy, and satisfy their sexual needs with their favorite persons. The only thing that every member should care about is the fake profiles and the scammers.

Alternative dating sites options

  • BDSM.com
  • Fetster.com
  • Nogrey.com
  • KinkD.com
  • Whiplr.com
  • Fester.com
Is Fetlife offering security features?

Is Fetlife offering security features?

FetLife is quite a secure website for its members. It does not exploit even the tiniest of information like browsing data of the users with any third party. All the conversations are also SSL-encrypted. They claim to not give out user’s details to anyone, not even the law enforcement, unless an order from the court is provided. However, they store users’ statistics by observing users’ engagements to assess FetLife’s new features’ efficiency. The user policy section on the website covers and answers all the privacy-related concerns of members.

FetLife sign-up process has an extra step of SMS confirmation to protect people from fake profiles. It is yet another step for members’ security.



From this FetLife review, you must have a rough idea about how good or bad FetLife is. At least from the FetLife reviews mentioned above, anyone can have a fair understanding of the dating site.

FetLife is a community-driven website. It is the best place for those people who are into BDSM and looking for some fun. It gives a platform where people of the same interest can get together and have some fun without the fear of people who are not into BDSM judging them.

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