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Chatiw Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Chatiw Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 19-21
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Users are allowed to make a profile for free. Free profiles allow many more users to sign up on this site and give them an idea of the site’s interface. It would also allow free members to decide better if they should get the free version or not.
  • The site is available worldwide. Its vast region availability is the reason why there are so many members on this site. It brings cultural diversity on this site as people from different races and religions can sign up. Members have the opportunity of making a lot of online friends with different cultures. They can teach each other about their own cultures, which would make the overall chatting experience on this site a lot more fun.
  • The signup process on this site is straightforward and fast. Users have to provide some necessary information, and then they’re allowed to chat on this site.
  • Verification on this site is optional. So if you want to have a good look at the site, you can register without any verification.
  • The site is simple and straightforward but has many features that are extremely useful in finding a member for you. With their features, you can find someone to chat within just a few minutes and minimal effort.
  • All Chatiw reviews suggest that this site is straightforward to use.
  • Every user has different needs and wants. To ensure that each member attains complete satisfaction, members are given a choice to customize their options according to their preferences.
  • The site has an updated software which prevents the creation of fake profiles. They use a powerful GPS to make sure the user’s location matches the information they upload on the site.
  • The customer support is highly responsive. So if users face any technical issues or feel uncomfortable with a member, they can contact the support team and solve their issue very quickly.
  • The site has a perfect and effective navigation system. It is fast, shows accurate results, and is very easy to operate.
  • A mobile application which is free to download
  • Eight languages on the site which translates everything to the required language by the members.
  • A variety of free features to improve communication with other members.
  • The mobile app is only available on the google play store. Members who have iOS software will be deprived of downloading the app on their phones.
  • To be allowed access to many additional features, users have to get the premium subscription. This restriction can limit the benefit free users could attain from chatting on this site.
  • The verification process is optional, so there may be some fake profiles on this site, which can affect members’ chatting experience on this site.
  • After a few minutes, the chat history gets eradicated. Some users have a habit of rereading old chats or viewing the pictures members sent again, but since they get deleted on this site, it may reduce customer satisfaction.
  • Members with basic profiles will not be allowed to navigate the potential contacts.
  • This site is mainly for fun. Most of the people here want someone to chat with or even have a casual hookup with. People usually come here for sexting or sharing their thoughts. So there are low chances of finding someone for a long term commitment here.
  • The VIP membership does not have too many features different from the free membership. So buying the VIP membership would not bring a massive difference in your chatting experience on this site.

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Chatiw is an online chatting platform where users can communicate with new people from different backgrounds by just a few clicks.

In this modern world, there are people with all types of wants and interests. Every person is unique, and you don’t know if you will find a person who will have the characteristics you desire. To make communication and finding a partner easier, sites like these are created. This is a site where members can have a one on one conversation with different types of people. You can expand your social circle or even find someone for a date night by chatting on it. Since there are people with all kinds of purposes here, you are bound to find people here who will match your interest and purposes. The environment here is amicable, so everyone here is looking forward to knowing each other.

This site has been on the internet for more than ten years and has successfully built up a good reputation and attracted more and more members. In 2009, the first version of the Chatiw website was launched. Since then, they have made many updates on the site to adjust it according to the market trends and increase member’s satisfaction. Good software and updates have led it to become one of the top online site sites, and it is considered the best online chatting site in Canada. The majority of the members were from the USA at the start, but then due to its updates and features, more members from different countries started signing up. Thousands of members from the Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada are starting signing up on this site. Even now, the majority of the members are from these countries.

But this site is international, so there are members from all around the world here. Such as Asian and non- English speaking countries. This site offers languages such as German, Russian, French, and Arabic. These languages allow many more members who cannot speak English to still sign up and chat on this site. The availability of these languages is why this site is popular among non-English speaking countries. So no matter where you are from or what language you speak, you can find someone to chat with on this site.

Most of the members on this site are youth. There are between the age bracket of 18-26. So it can be said that this site isn’t a very suitable place for senior people as they may have a hard time finding someone of their age. 31% of members on this site are above 30 but younger than 45. You have to be at least 18 to sign up on this site.

If you have moved to a small town and are afraid that you won’t find like-minded people in a low populated area, you should try signing up on this site. There are many users here, even from suburb areas, so you are sure to find someone in your area who would be looking forward to meeting you. It has no restriction on the location of its members, which makes it accessible to everyone.

You can improve your communication skills by signing up here and talking to different people. If you are going through difficulty making an essential decision about your life, then you can talk to the members here. There are members with different life experiences and occupations here. So maybe you can get valuable advice from someone on the internet? After all, this site is all about connecting people.

Whether you are a single man or woman trying to find yourself a loving partner. Someone who wants a husband or wife. Someone who wants a free hookup or even friends to hang out with you can sign up on this site and find someone suitable to your needs.

Keeps reading this Chatiw review to know if this site is the best option for you.

Website Interface And User Friendliness

Chatiw Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This Chatiw review suggests that this site is very user friendly with a simple but good interface. It has a friendly red and white color theme. All the options are written clearly on top of the homepage. On the left top corner, users have the option of joining chatrooms. Users can go through the site quickly if they choose to chat later on.

There is a chat history option written with a white envelope icon that shows your current chatting session’s chats. Chat history of previous chats are deleted. While the deletion of chats may be a disadvantage to some, it can be advantageous to those who wanted no record of their messages. The site has many useful search options and works fast on both websites and apps. While chatting with members, you can also see if the member is active, has seen your message, or typing.

The site maintains its user-friendliness on every step, including the very first step, which is registration. The site does not require any long registration process. Users have to enter their necessary information: their username, gender, country, state, and age. That’s it. After this, you can instantly start chatting. The verification process is not mandatory, so that saves you time and effort.

Members on this site can join different chat rooms where many people and various topics are being discussed. Users here can interact with more than three people at the same time and make more friends. If users prefer private messaging, then they can also send direct messages to other members. Members can search users’ profiles they like through the search option on the top right corner of the screen. The site also allows you to send pictures or even emojis to express yourself in a more fun way. The VIP membership unlocks more features on the Chatiw website, further discussed in this review.

Does It Have A Mobile Application?

Chatiw Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This site does have its mobile app. The app works very fast, and all the icons are visible on the screen. Many users even prefer the app over the desktop version. This preference is because the mobile app has all the same features of the site, and it allows you to chat with members anywhere and anytime. Members don’t have to bother opening their desktop and sitting in one place to chat. Registration, chatting, search features, all of them are available.

Unfortunately, this site is not available on iOS. The iPhone users cannot take the benefits of a beautiful and convenient app. It’s been heard the company is planning to launch an app on IOS in the future. However, there is no official news about it.

Chatiw Special Features

This is a site that allows chatting between members from all around the world. Its features are not too unique, but they are efficient for interaction.

Blog: There are links to the blog articles of the website on the bottom of the homepage. The homepage which is there before entering the chatroom. The site posts articles on various topics. The articles mostly contain dating advice and online chatting skills to show a better impression, exciting topics, etc. The blogs are very informative and fun to read.

Other links: These links are the affiliates of this site. They are on the homepage and the main chat page. When you click them, you’re taken to sites that suggest you enter different chatrooms and live chats.

Safety tips: Every user is advised to read these from the site. The site provides links in which it gives safety tips about online chatting. It tells you how to identify fake profiles and avoid scams. It is to help you enjoy a safe online chatting experience.

Chat history: This is located on the top right corner of your screen. It shows all the conversations you had today. But it does not show any previous conversations as they all get deleted. The site may be deleting chats to keep more privacy for its members.

Free And Premium Memberships

Chatiw Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

Chatiw offers a free membership and a VIP membership

Free Account Features

Members can sign up for absolutely free

Members can join any chatroom they want or even send personal messages. They can interact with members and friends on this site without paying any cost. There are many members on this site, and one of the reasons is that they can interact here for free.

Members can edit the information they had uploaded on the site when signing up. They can also complete their profile by adding more details about themselves.

Users can block individual members if they feel uncomfortable or annoyed by them.

Members can view their chat history, which would show the users the conversations they have been having on that day.

Premium Account Features

Member’s profiles will be shown on top when searches are done. Their profiles are promoted more.

They are treated as priority members in all the services. The customer service team would respond to them faster than the free account members.

They can send different links and phone numbers to other members during chatting.

They have a VIP badge on their profiles, which would attract more members to them.

They would not be obliged to go through the bot Captcha when logging in on the site. Their username would already be reserved on the site.

All ads on Chatiw would be blocked for paid members.

You can send unlimited messages privately.


  • $4.95/month
  • $25.95 for six months, which is $4.35/month
  • $49.95 for 12 months which is $4.19/month

Real-Life Review From Chatiw Users

Chatiw Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

“I’m a college student with a hectic schedule, so I never had time for a long term commitment. So on weekends, when I’m bored and want someone to have a nice conversation or sext with, I log in on this site, and I always find someone interesting to have a fun conversation with. People here are full of surprises” – Adrian, 21

“My girlfriend has to go out of the city often because of her work. I sometimes get very lonely without her, and I need someone to talk to. So I log in on this site and have casual sexy conversations with different girls. It helps me keep myself entertained without her.” – Bob, 26

Are The Members On Chatiw Very Active Or Inactive?

The members on this site are very active. There are members on this site from all around the world looking forward to interacting with like-minded people. The chatrooms are filled with people discussing different topics, giving each other advice, and sharing their experiences. The activeness of members on this site is what makes it such a fun place for chatting. You can even send private messages to members, and according to the data collected from many Chatiw reviews, there is a 90% reply rate.

Is Chatiw A Suitable Place For People Who Want To Get Married

This site was mainly made to chat between people and not as a match-making service. However, there are all types of people here, and since people can talk in private messages, they often can come across someone with whom they have excellent compatibility. If the feelings are mutual between two people, then online chatting can lead to a marriage between them. But overall, most of the people here want to have a fun conversation and not a long-term commitment. So it is not a very suitable site for people who want to get married.

How Effective Is Chatiw For Dating?

Chatiw Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This site is very effective for casual hookups and for finding someone to talk to online. Most people chatting on this site are just bored and want to pass the time or have a casual hookup. Some want friends to hang out with or even date. You can find all types of people on this site. But most of them are not interested in a long term relationship. It is an effective site for casual dating and serious relationships; it will be hard to find someone.

Alternatives Of This Site

Chat avenue: This is an international online chatting site where users can talk in chatrooms or private messages. It has the option of 19 chatrooms, each with a different variety of members in them.

Omegle: Members can chat with people from all around the world for free.

What Are The Security Features Offered By Chatiw?

Chatiw Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

The site intends to make a fun place for its users, and that’s why it has kept formalities to a minimum. There is no detailed verification process to sign up on this site. Due to the absence of a verification process, many people can easily sign-up on this site, which creates a high risk of scam profiles. But the site does have a software which identifies the location of the member and matches it with the data he puts on his account.

If users find a fake profile or feel harassed, they can block the account or report it, and the customer service team will look into the matter.


Chatiw Review 2020: Information, Pros & Cons, Costs, Reviews

This is an excellent site for those who enjoy talking to new people and are interested in having casual conversations. It is a place where people can lighten their minds by talking about their lives to strangers or listening to them. The site is straightforward to use, so anyone can use this site without any issue. If you are new to using chatting sites, then you should try this app. The community on this site is amicable and interactive, and everyone can feel loved and accepted here.

If you are looking for an online chatting site where you can express yourself and have fun conversations, Chatiw would be a perfect option.

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