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Badoo Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Badoo Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 980 500
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Badoo is a famous website that is known and used all around the world. It doesn't matter where you are or how deserted is the area in which you live. You will still be able to find the perfect partner anywhere in the world. It is excellent for people who are a fan traveling, as they can use the same platform. There is no need of deleting and downloading different apps. One app is enough and can be used anywhere in the world.
  • Badoo is open for people of all income backgrounds as it is free of cost. It doesn't require any registration fee; therefore, the road to lifetime happiness can begin without money. Furthermore, for all the youngsters and senior users going through financial crises and loneliness can have a great time without burdening their pockets.
  • There is a special place and features for people who paid for the Badoo premium account. They get access to the bonuses it offers and get extra features that free-users cannot get access. Moreover, there is an opportunity of receiving a gift for the members who have subscribed to the premium account.
  • Badoo has its mobile app, which means that it can be used on your mobile phone. You do not need to have a laptop or computer with you to go through Badoo's fantastic world; it can all be done within the world's more portable device. This excellent user-friendly app has made life easier for those who can not afford a computer or laptop. A phone is an electronic device that everyone in this world carries. You do not need to buy a separate device for the use of this application. Badoo can be used on the phone with its app.
  • One of the most significant drawbacks of any website is that there is a chance of many fake and inactive profiles on a dating website. Most people find it difficult to get a match despite having many users due to an inactive lager number. It may not be the case with Badoo. Badoo has a very high number of real and active users. People from all around the world login Badoo every single to make use of its advantages. You are very likely to find a match as an outstanding possibility of a real active use in your area.
  • Even after constant struggle to get rid of any scams and cheaters. Badoo still struggles to get rid of all the fake profiles and catfishers. Many profiles have gotten out of high-security hangs and managed to keep up with a fake account on Badoo. Users might come across accounts that aren't who they say they are; therefore, users have to be careful with who they are getting involved with on Badoo.
  • Everything good comes with a price. Badoo website has a good number of applications that are accessible for people who do not want to pay up. However, the broad spectrum can only be used when the premium account is paid. The accessibility for freeloaders is minimal; therefore, they might get bored with the website's limitation. It may make them upset and leave a disheartened place for Badoo. Badoo reviews have clearly stated that all users who haven't gotten the premium accounts quickly get tied and uninterested in the application. All the exciting services need to be paid for with a fee.
  • Badoo wants to rid of all the fake profiles and scams; for the purpose, Badoo website came up with blocking up. However, Badoo reviews have exposed to us that sometimes even active real accounts can get blocked up. Your profile can get blocked up by Badoo or some other users, making their profile inaccessible. If your profile gets blocked in any case, you won't be able to use your Badoo account again and may have to come up with a different account.

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Badoo website review will give you insight into a platform that many users use to meet different people every day. Badoo reviews will not only give you some in-depth details but will also help you decide where to go when you are looking to have a good time. Badoo cannot be considered as one of the dating sites. However, everyone is welcomed to use it. It is a user-friendly website which is free of cost while promising all sort of fun and excitement. Badoo is known to have a daily login of more than 2 million active users worldwide. Anyone can use it anywhere they want, regardless of the country or state they are citizens off. In this modern era, it is not easy to meet the person who suits your personality. Looking for a partner has become one of the most difficult tasks. Moreover, many people, including teenagers, suffer from loneliness, leading to depression and anxiety. Badoo allows us to search and look for people with who we can have a good time. Badoo’s user-friendly style has allowed people with bad technical skills to interact and meet different people every day. It can be considered one of the most entertaining ways to spend your day, as Badoo makes sure that its website is eligible for people of all ages. There is no sort of discrimination showed by Badoo; they welcome people of all ages, races, cultures, and gender with open arms. The users have reported to said it as one of the most comfortable websites, and nothing about it has ever left them in discomfort. Badoo currently has active users in many countries, including Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Sweden. Therefore, meeting someone in the other part of the world is also open for anyone who plans to use Badoo. There are many websites and platforms available for people interested in looking for a partner, but over here, we will let you know of all reasons you should and should not opt for Badoo.

Website design and Usability

Website design and Usability

Badoo is famous all around the world for having a user-friendly style and application. The website itself is straightforward to deduce for all ages. It is understandable even for those who don’t belong to an excellent educational background. To make the Badoo website more user-friendly, Badoo has launched its app. The Badoo app is straightforward to use, and it’s speedy. It has made the life of a Badoo fan even more comfortable as not everyone can use a laptop again and again. Badoo reviews have compared the layout of Badoo the same as Facebook’s layout, which means it takes less time for everyone to get comfortable with Badoo’s application and functions. Moreover, the website gives freedom of choosing the style, font, and color of every user’s profile, giving them the independence of creating your profile as a reflection of one’s personality. Furthermore, many people suffer from a short attention span and may get distracted or sidetracked easily for users like these. Badoo makes sure that there are no pop-up advertisements or pictures. The communication tension is left undisturbed and uninterrupted for its users. As you go through the website, you may find different personal information options on the screen’s right side. That information may include: messages, visitors, and likes. Etc.

You may find big photos and personal data of other people who use Badoo on the screen’s left side. Therefore, after giving a few moments to the registration, you can quickly start using Badoo to interact and meet new people. The journey begins with just a few registration steps. After that, you can quickly like, and unlike users you are interested in chatting with, in case they like you back, the websites give you an option to chat with them to know them better.

Mobile application

Online dating is all about the convenience and feasibility of its users. In the era of increasing technology, it would have been unjustified of Badoo had stayed behind. Badoo website launched its mobile application. Badoo has its mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, which means that Badoo can now be used on your phone anywhere and everywhere. Badoo aims to provide easy accessibility to its users for hookups, dates, or to chat. Badoo introduced their app not to have to sit on one-stop to connect with the world.

Badoo mobile app layout has a different sight from its desktop website. It is not only appealing to the eye but also has an effortless, straightforward, and comfortable features. It allows its users to get used to the mobile application with just a few minutes of usage. Moreover, mobile applications also alert their user with a notification sound whenever they receive a new like or message. Making sure that no new notification is’ left unseen by its user.

Furthermore, the app is all safe and protected. It makes sure information is saved in the app and on your phone are protected from any virus or theft. Badoo review has reported to have no cases of leaked information through its application. Any user with suspicious activities or unethical hobbies may be blocked from this application; therefore, its user needs to be respectful towards other members as anything invalid can lead to a permanent disconnection with the website. For all the users who have difficulty remembering their passwords, the application launched by Badoo gives an edge to stay logged in your mobile phone. You need to fill in your password one time, and after that, your account will always be logged on to your phone unless you log out yourself.

Special feature

Special feature

As we have mentioned previously in our Badoo review, the Badoo website is famous for easy-to-use functions and website. It is filled with multiple unique features that enjoyers can use in their advantage. For free members, the unique feature includes sending messages to each other, looking for other members to become partners, chatting with the people who have liked you back, and of course, uploading pictures and personal information. After an event full of excitement and thrill, you can always share your pictures on Badoo, increasing your chance of getting a mate, a friend, or a hookup buddy. All this can be done on Badoo with free of cost, which means that Badoo’s free usage can help you decide whether you want to upgrade your membership. Badoo does not restrict its clientele with matches Badoo thinks is compatible for you. It leaves its clients with an open ground to choose from anyone available in there desired area. Badoo will not find a match for you; this is something that you have to do yourself by going through the app and different accounts.

Moreover, at the starting point of the website, you can choose your sexual preference, which means that users can fill in their desirable sexual preference, and the app will show them the available option. It can be considered a transsexual dating website as the uses can always fill transsexuality as their favorable sexual preference. Lastly, anyone with access to the internet is welcomed to the world of Badoo. Badoo website does not cramp its uses with race or ethical background. As long as you are interested in finding a partner, you are greeted at Badoo.

Free and Premium

Badoo is a dating website that can be used for free, as well as with paid membership. Any members who are confused about whether to pay for the paid website or not can use the free subscription and later on decide to get the premium account. A premium account has its advantages, but that doesn’t make the free account any less interesting or exciting. Free accounts are for everyone who cannot afford to pay for the premium account and users who want to give Badoo a test drive.

Free account

Many features are open to free account; some of them include:

Free account
  1. Clients have access to free search filters. Everyone has different requirements, preferences, and likes. Badoo has a feature for its free users to set up the search according to their preference. It gives them freedom and a clear view of what might the best suitable partner for them.
  2. Free members have a feature in which they can browse for a particular member. If you ever come across someone who has the potential to be your mate, you can always search for them on Badoo and find out the most interesting facts and information about them. You do not need to look anywhere else as Badoo will be there to connect you with them and let them know that you are interested in dating or hooking up with them.
  3. Messaging is a feature that is available for both free members and premium accounts. Badoo makes sure that there is no discrimination between both accounts, and there stays a connection between them. For this reason, free members have the freedom to interact and message anyone with a premium account. There is no restriction between whom you can message and who you cannot for free account holders.
  4. Badoo isn’t all about dating and hookups; it also offers various free fun games that anyone can access. It means that if you are not in a mood to talk to anyone, you can always look at the option of free games and spend some time there. Moreover, if you are in a mood to find a match without really talking to them, you can always participate in Badoo’s matching games. Matching games now only provides a partner suitable for your liking and guarantees to give you a fantastic fun time. The best part of all this is that free members can also participate in the matching games.
  5. Free members have an excellent opportunity to give a sure to their curiosity through Badoo. Badoo allows its free members to be able to view everyone who has visited their profile. It allows its free members to find out who is interested in them and who is not.
  6. There is a special feature of “lookalike” in Badoo, which is obtainable for its free members. The “lookalike” feature helps you find the people who look like you or look similar to the person who interests you. It may save a lot of time and effort for its users.


Premium account is different and better than the free account. Many features are only restricted to the premium account, and not everyone can access them.

  1. Many people will view and like your profile every single. Not everyone can view the members who liked your account. However, premium members can view all the profiles that have liked the users’ accounts. It gives them a boost in confidence we all need.
  2. As much as our life has become more accessible through messages and chatting, it can also be confusing and can leave a lot of frustration and misunderstanding for anyone who is not a fan of online chatting. Facebook and Whatsup came with the unique feature of highlighting a message; this feature has made everyone’s life more fun and easy to help with this confusion. Premium account users can also highlight their messages making Badoo a more fun chatting platform.
  3. Everyone has favorites, whether it’s for clothes or dating websites. There is a perfect chance that your profile is marked as favorite by a very hot, sexy, and fun-loving mate. You can always find out the people who have added you to their favorite list with the premium account. This unique feature is not available for free accounts.
  4. In case you already have a wife or a partner, and you are on Badoo for fun. There is a risk of getting caught for the free members but not for premium members. Premium members can always browse the site anonymous. It reduces the risk of getting caught or problems that may disturb the users’ house.
  5. Premium members can send gifts and presents to other members and may also receive some very unexpected yet interesting gifts from interested members.
  6. Premium members can undo the mistakes they have made on encounters by reversing the vote they had made.
  7. “Early Bird catches the worm” is a famous saying that can be applied to the premium member. Any new member who joined Badoo will be presented to premium members first, giving them a fantastic opportunity to message them before free members can.
  8. Members with a premium account has immense popularity and fame on Badoo. They are considered to celebrate and are given more importance than any other members.
  9. All the premium members are notified and alerted in case of any crush.

Real life reviews

Real life reviews

“I joined Badoo to kill time and meet more people as my routine and job didn’t allow me to interact with new people. I didn’t have much hopes and expectations. However, my mind changed a few minutes after I downloaded the app. It took me 5 minutes to understand all the features and how to use the procedure. After that, I was flowing here and there along the app. I meet tons and thousands of new friends. I also came across people who were able to satisfy my sexual needs. I am currently in a severe relationship with an amazing person who I met through Badoo. My life has completely shifted into the most amazing way.”

Hannah, 30, California

Are there lots of active members on Badoo

The number of active members is increasing every day on Badoo. Daily there are new members join the website, and as the number of new members increases, the number of active logins also increases. There are more than 250000 daily logins on Badoo every day. Moreover, this number keeps on increasing by the day.

Can married people use Badoo?

Badoo welcomes everyone who wishes to meet and interact with new people. Badoo reviews are filled with married people. The features of premium Badoo are, especially for married people.

Is Badoo an effective dating site?

It is a beneficial site as it has a large number of active members. People are very enthusiastic and willing to give everyone a chance. Due to fewer scams, people are ready to meet more people and get every type of sexual preference. Some people even consider Badoo as dating sites due to the openness in people’s mindsets using Badoo.


If Badoo was not able to satisfy all your needs, there are also some website which are similar and will be able to satisfy your needs:

  • Match: this is for anyone who is looking for a long-term relationship.
  • OkCupid: for all those who cannot spend money on a dating website, this website is 100% free.
  • HER: just like the name suggest, HER supports and fulfills the need of LGBTQ community
  • Tinder: this is a vast platform, fulfilling the needs of kind of people with just one swipe
  • Zoosk: a twist to the mainstream dating by introducing games and contest.

What are the security features of Badoo?

Badoo has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that all its members’ information and privacy are protected and taken care of. It has all security and feature which will protect the personal information of its users. It has a fast bandwidth, including firewalls making sure that the data is in a secure server. Moreover, every member’s privacy setting allows them to have control over the people who can and cannot view their photos. The public cannot view the pictures and videos of its members.



Badoo review is to give you a clear insight into the website, which has a lot of new and active members every day. However, it can be considered a dating site for transsexual people. It is a very modern dating app with all the necessary features and open-minded people. It is open to the people of all sexual preferences. It can be used for hookups, meetings, chatting, and dating. Badoo reviews have proved that Badoo can work for flings as well as long-term commitment.

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