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Apex Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide

Apex Review: Only Reliable Dating Platforms for Singles Worldwide
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Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 975 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process at Apex is swift and takes almost 5 mins.
  • Registrations and building a profile at Apex is free.
  • You can choose what kind of profile you want, a very informative or a short profile.
  • The design is modern, attractive and draws attention towards it.
  • There are games like voting games on Apex.
  • There are contests between users and members.
  • Apex is easier to use, which makes it more fun.
  • Points can be earned instead of only buying.
  • Points can be sold for money on Apex.
  • Apex has a video calling and audio calling both beside the usual of just messaging.
  • All the communication options are paid, messaging, audio calls, and video call on Apex.
  • There is no website on the Apex dating site.
  • The app is currently unavailable on Google Playstore, iOS app store, and other platforms.
  • Apex is a transsexual dating site, but it doesn't have a specific acknowledgment or options for transgenders.

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This Apex Review is to shed some light on this dating website that has brought an exciting new twist and features to the old “finding a new person to date” thing. Apex and its features bring a new and modern feel to the boring, old concept and feel of falling in love on the online platform, even though some similar techniques are used as the norm and are common among all other dating sites apps. Looking and browsing through pictures and profiles and choosing to communicate with your interest profile is old-school and is getting boring. Apex makes this interesting is by making you choose between two people of the opposite sex. You are the person who decides the ranking of someone based on their looks and profile and choose between two profiles.

The algorithm of the Apex uses your profile for the same thing. Your profile is shown simultaneously with a profile of the opposite sex, and the user has to pick between you and someone else. If the person you chose chooses you back, you get points, and these points are what you need because these are needed to use the communication features on Apex. There are many other features of Apex that help it stand out from the crowd. The website keeps complete transparency with its users and, and if you use it smartly, you won’t need to pay to the fake profiles, scammers, or even Apex for any notion. Apex is generally sensitive towards all kinds of sexuality and allows it on Apex’s platform, but in specificity, Apex does not have an option for transgenders.

Regardless, Apex is a dating website for people interested in making new friends, dates, hookups, etc. Apex accommodates people, from people looking for casual or serious relationships to people looking only for hookups. The website was started in NYC in 2016. Apex just focused on making the dating gum more fun.

Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

The design and interface of Apex are simple while kept stylish. The most important thing about websites and especially dating sites is not the design but its interface and how it performs in transition and navigation. The design comes into play after the experience is smooth and does not bug the user. Developers at Apex have used an excellent color scheme and combination to make the site’s appearance as relaxed and cool it can be while keeping it eye-catching.

The developers are Apex used black and balanced that with the right amount of white in the background. While using golden yellow to highlight the design and essential features, blue and pink are distributed as outlines or full screens to display different interfaces. Apex does not have a desktop site, which, according to statistics, should not have an effect on its popularity. Most users indeed prefer the mobile app or mobile site, but the websites contain some extra contact information and features which the user feels safe by knowing it exists. But the critical thing about Apex would be its performance while using the app, which is very smooth and makes it feel as if the app is modern and well-developed.

Another thing Apex finessed would be the navigation. Apex took all of its options and features and compiled it in one drawer, which can be accessed from the top left, and you will see all the options and features available to you, such as contests, votes, etc. The information available on each profile is limited since, during registration, Apex only asks for gender, age, name, country of origin, and city. You are asked to upload some extra pictures beside the main profile picture for more exposure. Apex does ask you more questions regarding your habits and requirements in your potential partner, but the answer to those questions is kept from the public and is only used by the algorithm to find you a good match and your interest profiles.

Mobile Application

Apex only has a mobile application through which you get your dating scene on. It is available for free across both iOS and Android. The mobile application has an outstanding and smooth experience as compared to most dating apps. The design is more user-friendly than other dating apps, with icons having proper names to describe them adequately. All the options, features, games, etc. can be accessed by tapping on the three small bars on the top left, and from there, you can interact with the whole app. The mobile application has all the features, even though most of them are paid, but that can be dealt with if a user uses the app smartly.

However, another problem that occurred Apex is the unavailability of the app. It can be that the app is getting a new rebranding, or might be taken down for repairs and improvements over the technical glitches they might be coming across, but nobody knows for sure. The Apex app did get a good rating over the app stores and did reach more than 100,000 downloads. So, that can only mean that the app is down temporarily and will be restored soon. We learned about the mobile app’s unavailability while doing the Apex review, so if you are opting to use Apex, then be on the lookout for updates and announcements.

Special Features

Special Features

Apex already stands out of the dating app crowd because of its unique way of matching up people and its features. Apex’s features and concepts got people to give Apex a shot, and it was worth their while. There are some features on Apex that make Apex unique and exclusive like:

Compare and Vote

This feature is more like a game of sorts, in which you compare two or more profiles with each other and then place your vote. If the profile you vote for, votes you back, or gets voted again, then you get coins and a chance to communicate with that profile using the coins you just earned.

User Rating Based On Voting

After your profile gets voted many times on Apex, or when your voted profile gets voted by different users as well, then it gives your profile a particular rating, which makes your profile get highlighted more, shown to more users, and your profile gains popularity.

Nearby Users

This feature is similar to some dating websites such as Tinder, MeetMe, which uses your location and search for users in your proximity. You can view the profiles and vote on them, compare the two and select the one that interests you, and if your chosen profile chooses you back, you will be awarded coins.

Filtered Search

Like many other websites, Apex also allows you to search for profiles to vote and compare your choice of filters. You have options of age, gender, location, body type, etc. in the filters.

Profile Designs

The profile designs on Apex have a very stylish feel to them. They seem very cool and attractive at the same time. Even though the websites are not that information-rich, but they are rich in color and design.

Short Registration Process

The registration process is swift compared to the lengthy registrations and sign-ups you usually encounter on many other dating sites. Apex doesn’t invite that many scammers and fake profiles to the application because you need to pay to communicate with any profiles. These obstacles make sure that whoever contacts you has gone through some trouble, and scammers usually avoid it. Just add some necessary information upon registration, make it detailed later, or don’t because paying is necessary.


The communication features of Apex are one of the things that make Apex unique. The chat option opens a new window, where you can see chats with all the people you have interacted with. Clicking upon the chat will open a new window just like a proper messenger, and there, at the top of the screen, you will see the option of audio calling and video calling.


Apex has this fantastic option of members being able to send and receive gifts. You can either send coins to the other member or boost their profiles but giving them more votes and preferences.


Coins on Apex play an essential role as you need coins to communicate and interact with any member. Even though it is a minimal dating site, people of all genders use them to optimize their experiences.


There are beauty contests, popularity contests, and many more on Apex in which anyone can participate, and the winners get coins as a prize.

Free and Premium

There are many free features on Apex, such as registration, comparing, and voting on profiles. Still, the premium features are essential features that are made premium to add a layer of security. We can see this as a layer of additional security because earning coins to use premium features is an option, and coins can be changed to real money if the user wants.

Because of security, acquiring and earning coins has been made easy and free, but it’s just time-consuming, which no scammer will go through or try. But the coins can be bought and the prices are as follows; 20 coins for $2.49, 200 coins for $19.99, 1000 coins are for $79.99, 4000 coins cost $249, 10,000 coins cost $499, and 20,000 coins cost $689.

Free Account

This Apex review will tell you about the things you need to consider and look for before you start using the Apex website as your wingman for the dating scene. Even though the essential features are for paid users, non-paying users’ experience is something to try as well. For free, you can:

  • Get yourself registered on Apex.
  • Set up your profile, and add as much detail as you can.
  • Upload a profile picture and some additional photos.
  • You can play the games on Apex.
  • You can participate in contests on Apex.
  • You can browse and go through as many profiles as you want.
  • You can search for matches.
  • You can find different users nearby for free on the Apex website.
  • You can read the messages you receive for free on Apex.

What Do You Get If You Pay?

What Do You Get If You Pay?

The strategical planning at Apex is revealed in this Apex review. By analyzing and understanding, we can deduce that making these essential features as paid prevents some scammers and most fake profiles from getting set up on the Apex Website. We understand it’s for safety purposes, so if you pay, you get:

  • Send gifts to other members on Apex in coins, cards, and customized digital stuff.
  • You need coins if you want to communicate with any profile you come across, and these coins can either be bought or earned through games. Even messaging requires coins.

Real Life Review

Users have described Apex to be an excellent choice and a new approach to the dating game. Apex reviews are mostly positive, considering its diversity . Beastly442 uploaded an Apex review on google play store, saying it was a cool new app that changes the way we interact with people and shows our interest. He claimed he has talked to several women after waiting for some time and earning coins. Earning coins took some time, but after one month or so, he had gone out on dates and enjoyed interacting with other members.

Are Members Active On Apex

In this Apex review, we discovered no number of how many members are registered to Apex or how many users are there. But, seeing the Apex reviews we came across, it was a sure deal that Apex had a good and active member base because people who uploaded the Apex reviews didn’t complain about being forced to pay or not having any response from any side. People that downloaded the Apex website app uploaded a positive Apex review.

Is Apex For People Who Seek Marriage?

Apex is a platform that invites people to have fun, enjoy, interact with new people in a new way, but as a platform of fun dating. When fun dating is added to the mix, it automatically becomes a website for casual dating, casual hookups, etc. and nothing else. Even though we all have heard incidents where people started their relationships from a casual dating site such as Tinder and ended up marrying each other, and the same kind of incidents have been seen regarding many other websites. But the bottom line is that the Apex website was developed only for fun dating, from casual friends, casual dating, hookups, relationships, and everything in between. You might even find love here as people find in other hookup websites, but it’s better to try your luck at a website specific for dating.

Is Apex Effective?

In this Apex Review, we have come to the understanding that Apex is a casual dating site. It will help you have fun and play around, and all its features, and the services it offers, help you do the same thing. If you want to meet new people, interact with them differently, and have fun with them, Apex seems to be a very effective option. The Apex’s temporary unavailability seems to be a barrier, but besides that, it seemed to have a good effect in attracting new users and serving its purpose.

Alternatives to Apex

Alternatives to Apex

In this modern world of dating, there are many other websites and apps that give Apex a fair competition, and the Apex review is more than enough to know how and why. For example, AdultFriendFinder, Tinder, MeetMe, are all excellent alternatives and competitors to Apex because of their member base, services, features, and statistical data.

How Safe Is Apex?

Apex does not have that much of a security system or many security features that may be readily available on many other dating sites. Still, Apex does have a way around some security problems. The most security Apex has, is the email verification, which can only protect the users to some extent. Still, another thing that helps a user stay safe is the video calling feature. Yes, as weird as it sounds, that is true. Since Apex is also a transsexual dating site, people have to be careful in believing what the profile of interest is honest about.

This can be checked by just one video call, by looking at the user on the other side of the camera, if they are who they claim to be in photos and profile details. Another thing that adds to Apex’s security is that they have made messaging and send gifts to other profiles as a paid feature. This means no communication can be made unless someone pays up first, and it is highly unlikely that scammers will go through this trouble of paying just to get a few coins and try to scam off the money by spending money first.


With this Apex Review, we can see what Apex Focuses on with their app and their targeted audience. Apex’s primary goal is to bring out people of all kinds and allow them to choose and select people according to their preferences and interests. Even as a dating site, which you can clearly see, Apex is when you come to sign-up. That the website asks for your gender, and then your gender of interest in which it gives the option to select both “men” and “women.” Apex functions as a transsexual dating site as well, but to a very limited extent since transgenders don’t officially have their option, but they can still sign-up and write down in the description of their profile about their orientation.


They may come across someone of interest. The games, competitions, chatting features, and gift features all attract a very serious crowd. A crowd serious to enjoy and have fun, rather than be serious about dating. There is a good chance you might come across someone you “click” with, but it’s better to take those chances on better platforms, platforms that are built for this purpose. This Apex review will have an impact on the person reading this to decide whether they should go for it or not. Still, the app’s unavailability makes it frustrating as there is no news or announcement about why the app is down and not available anywhere.

This can be thought of as temporary, and that maybe rebranding or improvements are being made. In any case, to have fun, to have to be the critic for once and choosing and matching, Apex is a good platform if you want to let loose without getting too serious about anything.

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