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Top Dating Websites

Since the creation of the World Wide Web, many human activities have revolutionized from its traditional ways to the new digital reality—online. This gave online dating a free-pass on the controversy of the possibility of getting a date on the internet. It has also, in turn, brought about the existence of over 8,000 dating sites to the world, offering dating services to different sets of people with diverse sexual preferences and orientations.

Best Dating Sites

While the huge number of online dating websites seems to be a perk when you seek online dating, we have garnered top choices to inform your selection. It’s noteworthy that some dating sites are not what they say they are, which makes signing up with them a complete waste of time. Knowing which are scam and which are not among these dating sites can, however, be hard since they all claim to be legit. At online dating singles, we have gone the extra mile of making research on the different dating sites existing and have written reviews on the best dating sites that suit you regardless of your preference, profession, and sexual orientation.

When Was Online Dating Invented?

When Was Online Dating Invented?

When asked the time online dating started, most people always seem to get it all wrong. Why? Online dating has been in existence for a longer time than most people credit it. Admittedly, dating websites has greatly improved when compared to the time it started.

It all started in 1959 when an IBM 650 mainframe computer and a punch card questionnaire was used to match female with male classmates based on a compatibility algorithm by two students at Stanford. This little science project at the time produced 49 matches in which none of it turned to a real dating or relationship; however, it sparks something.

It was six years after this was done by the two Stanford students that two Harvard grads employ the same system used in Stanford to pair up men and women based on what they like and didn’t; then, it was called Operation Match. Unlike the 49 matches result from a few years back, Operation Match was able to pair over a million singles. This leads to the first computerized dating service in the world, and it created a pathway for further advancement in the dating world.

According to the dating history record, seems to be the original dating site that serves as the forerunner for online dating as we know it. Match was launched in 1995 to help singles find a date smartly by suggesting matches to them based on the likeness of their profile with other members. They are also allowed to browse through available dates to find a potential partner. Since its inception 25 years ago, still ranks high with its innovations and huge member base. These and its ability to still deliver on its goal of helping singles find potential partner all these years make it one of the best dating sites on the internet.

Mobile Dating: When Was It Created?

Even though online dating started over 25 years ago, Mobile dating took a little longer to come into existence. Even though Lavalife and Proxidating provided mobile dating services as far back as 2003, it wasn’t until 2007 when the first iPhone came into existence that dating apps became a thing. Being the first smartphone, it paved the way for mobile dating by providing all the essentials you see on dating sites on the Mobile App.

By 2012, dating app has become a thing in the mainstream with dating apps like Coffee Meet Bagel, Hinge, and Tinder being launched a few months to one another. During this blow up OkCupid also launched its app to help on-the-go users and match up with other competitors. The mobile dating app also brought into existence the swiping system, which changed the game for online dating since it gives room for virtual flirting and spice to chatting on any of the dating apps. It is also worthy of note that since Tinder was created, it has created more than 43 billion matches for its members worldwide.

Criteria We Used To Discover the Best Dating Sites and Dating Apps

Criteria We Used To Discover the Best Dating Sites and Dating Apps

Our team of experts has compiled a list of dating sites and apps that cut across all the types of dating websites, and made researches on them on various grounds. Our expert took their time using dating websites, and dating apps to know the most responsive, the best for a certain set of people, and also how legit they are.

Furthermore, the reviews done by our team of professionals are also based on the dating site’s designs for usability, how active and responsive their members are. How much scammer and fake profiles exist there.

What Kind of Online Dating Websites Fits You?

If you’re new to online dating industry, no wonder you got lost in all those subcategories of dating sites. Let’s figure out, what suits you the most.

Candidly, dating is a game of number, regardless of if its real life or online. The more potential partners you have, the better option for you to choose from. You will agree with me you have a higher success rate in a site that has millions of users that a site whose members are just hundreds of thousands.

Sites for Hookup

Hookup sites are platforms where you get to be sexually expressive without fear of being seen as weird and anyone batting an eye on you. Hookup sites provide causal sexual encounters, and members of these sites get to express their fetish and kinks in the hope to find someone who also shares such with them.

When considering a hookup site that stands out among others, BeNaughty always comes to come. It isn’t just one of the legit hookup sites out there; it allows its many members to communicate without paying. With the different features and advanced search, BeNaughty allows you to have full control over the kind of matches you get while offering the convenience of achieving your goal.

Dating Sites Dedicated to Christians

While most dating sites might seem too explicit for Christians who have conservative moral values, finding dates online has, however, evolved to accommodate these sets of people. The Christian dating sites stick to the teaching of the religion and knowing full well that they seek more than just small talks and physical or mental compatibility. The sites are tailored in such a way that it helps single religious people connect with other members who are seeking serious long-term committed relationships.

Christian Mingle is a value-driven platform that connects single members of shared faith in Christ and other Christian beliefs. Created in 2001, it has helped people who are searching for partners with similarities in family tradition, core beliefs, and religious value. Christian Mingle is one of the best dating sites that cater to Christian singles, and since its creation, it has helped create more Christian marriages any other religious dating websites.

Top-Level Dating sites

Finding a potential match amidst a busy routine can be very tasking. And to find someone that understands your profession and how it works in the corporate world might be quite difficult on most dating sites, which is why elite dating sites exist to carter to professionals. Elite dating sites allow you to connect to a large pool of people that are more on your level.

One of the best online dating sites for professionals is EliteSingles. Just as the name alludes, this is a dating site specifically for elites seeking serious relationships. Over 80% of members on this site are college graduates, while more than 90% are seeking committed relationships. What makes EliteSingles one of the best is that it allows members to search for dates for free, and when you find someone that you are interested in, you can subscribe to communicate with the person.

Dating sites for LGBTQ+ Community

Knowing fully well that some members of the LGBT Community find it hard to get dates with even some yet to come to terms with being gay. The Gay & Lesbian dating sites helps it easier to for them to find potential matches based on their sexual orientation.

Grindr is one of the best online dating sites for the LGBT community, with a whopping amount of success in finding love for its gay members. 85% of members on Grindr are researched to have found love through the app.

Other sites like Her, BiggerCity allow members of the LGBT find dates without going through any awkwardness they might experience if they walked up to someone in person.

Dating sites without fees

Almost all the dating apps and sites have free membership. This allows members to register and even create profiles without having to make any financial commitment. Some dating sites allow members to search for matches, add profiles to their Favorite List or even view profiles but prevent them from communicating. This might turn out to be a total waste of time if you do not agree to pay. The best free online dating sites are the ones that provide 100% free dating services.

Plenty of Fish and OkCupid does not only have a large user base, but they also provide all their features without a cost. The downside to this, however, is that it attracts all sorts of people ranging from scammers to fake profiles, and people are just there to waste your time.

Dating Apps: Why Pay More?

Dating sites having a paid membership doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best and vice versa. You can accomplish your goal of getting a good date or hookup from one of the best free dating sites, while some will find it hard to have such beautiful experience even with the financial commitment on paid dating apps or sites.

What are we driving at? Whether to use any of the best free online dating sites depends on your financial stand and how you feel about them. A college student might find it a complete waste of money to subscribe to a dating site when there are many avenues to meet people for free on campus without paying a dime. However, a senior citizen or a busy professional will consider subscribing to a paid dating site a good investment since they do not have to socialize.

Having said this, the best dating sites are the ones that are legit and have different search and communication features. So, if you can afford to subscribe, you can go for paid sites. However, if you cannot afford this, picking from the best free online dating sites isn’t a bad idea.

What Is The Cost For The Best Dating Sites?

While some best dating sites offer free dating services, some have paid memberships to grant special access to their features for interested members. These costs can either be in the form of a subscription or an in-app currency that could be used to purchase, give tips, or have some privileges on the dating site.

The cost and duration of the subscription packages vary in sites and not only this. Some sites having understood that their premium subscription is on the high-end allow members to pay in installment. This is to encourage users to become premium members.

The average duration for paid membership is 1, 3, 6, and 12 months with auto-renewal options. The cost can also range from $10 upward depending on the size and duration of membership.

Should You Trust any Dating sites?

Should You Trust any Dating sites?

Online dating, like any other thing, comes with its own risk. From the moment you join a dating site, there are always chances of meeting fake profiles or scammers even in the most legit dating sites. Nevertheless, some sites strive to have a cleaner and better membership to build trust. These sites offer ID verification, security settings, encryption of payment gateways, privacy policy, and constant user reviews. Even with this, you will need to be extra vigilant and trust your instinct when engaging in online dating. is one of the best legit dating sites since it doesn’t only ensure that users are real people; it also fights actively against cyberbullying, harassment, racism, and sexist actions. It provides members with easy access to report and block users in which the administrators follow up promptly. To get a legit site, its best to look through reviews while considering their goal and number of users.

Take Care of Your Own Security

While meeting a new person for a date, security can really become as issue, so here are some tips on how to make your experience as pleasant as possible:

Be Wary of Sharing Your Personal Information with Anyone

Dating is a process that is meant to be taken gradually, whether online dating or meeting in person, you must always walk your way you and so must your partner. Hence, do not be in a hurry to share personal details about yourself when you feel you’ve found the One or just a match on any of the dating websites. Also, if a match seems more interested in getting to know some personal details like your financial stand and information, your precise date of birth, physical address, or any information you find uncomfortable, turn down the question firmly. If this persists, then take it as a red flag. It’s also advised that you report such use immediately for your protection.

Agree to Meet in a Mass Gathering Place

Things are not as they appear; that’s the reality of the world. So, if you finally found someone that you plan on meeting physically from one of the best dating sites, always choose to meet in a public place. “Oh! But I was promised a personal karaoke session at my match’s home!” Don’t get sucked in by a juicy promise. Always agree to meet in a crowded or busy place with lots of eyes present. A park or a restaurant are excellent ideas to look into.

Inform Someone of Your Date

When you and your online date, arrange to meet for the first time, don’t keep it to yourself. Information a couple of your friends about this, giving every detail to the minutest. The place of meeting, time, and even a name and description of whom you will be meeting. If you are an iPhone user, this is where the Find My Friends app comes in handy. Give them a specific time to check on you routinely and always have a pre-written or pre-agreed SOS code word which, when used or sent, will alert your friends of your situation to get appropriate help.

Prioritize Your Personal Safety

Always remember, your safety comes first! If your date does or says something that makes you feel uncomfortable, scared, or unsafe, take this as a cue and leave. Regardless of the kind of fun you’ve had or you are looking forward to, you must protect yourself by acting accordingly. Note that it might even if passed as a side comment, it should be taken seriously.

Be in Charge of Your Way To and Fro

Always be in total control of your transportation to and fro your place of meeting. If your match from one of the online dating apps suggests picking you from your home, reject the offer politely. One major reason for doing this is that if there is a need for you to leave early, then you won’t be at the mercy of your date.

Some on How to Make Your Date Unforgettable

So, you are finally meeting your match from online dating? That sounds terrific! Now before you go all jittery and wondering how to make your first date awesome, here are a couple of things to do that will make your time together with a great one.

Do Not Stalk Your Date On Social Media

Most of us are guilty of making a few types of research on the person we are meeting through their social media account. We want to satisfy our curiosity and get to know who we are just about to meet in person. Well, don’t! Going through their social media will make you form thoughts and judgment which are mostly wrong. So why not do it the old version way and find out your date’s personality in person.

Make Yourself Comfortable

It’s your first date with a match you met on a dating website. It’s okay to want to dress the part; to put on a beautiful and fashionable outfit. However, do not trade your comfort for anything. Wearing something that you are uncomfortable with will give you uneasiness and might even make you feel distracted -two things you should feel during a first date. So, it’s best to wear an outfit that makes you comfortable on your skin, an outfit that shows the real you.

Try Some Affirmations

Nervousness is quite normal when looking forward to your first date with someone. But it doesn’t necessarily have to follow you to your date, which is why you need to combat it. Pull a dew confidence trick on yourself so you can ease down on your nervousness and also enjoy your date. One of the best confidence tricks is to picture a great date, add all the elements you want to it, and smile as you visualize on this. Also, always concentrate on the good things you want when going on a first date. Do you have a favorite superhero while growing up? How about you imitate the hero’s pose in front of the mirror and affirm to yourself that you can make it? These actions have been researched to help boost confidence and make you feel more positive in any situation.

Have a Good Laugh Together

Laughter is indeed a great medicine, regardless of how it’s done. It’s known to secret endorphins in the body, which in turn causes us to feel more relaxed. When on your first date, try to smile and laugh with each other as it’s also one of the greatest icebreakers. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to have a set of jokes stored somewhere. A few light comments here and there plus nice anecdote will do the trick. And if you have a joke that has worked before, here is another chance for you to use it.

Employ an Inviting Body Language

Even when we are not aware of this, we often communicate through our bodies. And unlike words, your body language can give you up easily. We unconsciously frown when we are displeased, smile when we like something, and cross our legs to serve as a protective measure. When planning your first date, try as much as possible to employ positive and open body language. This will get noticed by your date, and it will improve your time together a lot. Make eye contact when possible to appear interested; gesticulated to express that you are open and not guarded and see how lovely your date will turn out.

Always Be Attentive

Nothing gives joy than having getting undivided attention from someone during a date. It doesn’t only make you feel good; it gives you the green light to continue the discussion. Simply put, nobody likes to keep talking to someone that constantly seems distracted or looks through their phone from time to time and probably wishing the date ends. So, don’t be that person. Be present on your date, look into their eyes, and try as much as possible to make comments when necessary. Also, engaging and asking questions from your data based on what they’ve said is a good way to show that you are paying attention. Lastly, keep important details from your discussion to heart; it might come in handy later.

Show Interest to Your Date

Besides what you are being told, asking questions is another good point to having a successful date. Chances are you have several questions for your match/ partner even before we decide to meet; your first date is a good time to ask these. Also, if you have questions based on what you have talked about, don’t be shy, ask! Questions give the impression that you are interested in and also a good listener. While it is okay to ask questions based on small talks, it doesn’t have to be limited to minor questions; you can ask things that would allow you to know the perspective of your date towards some situations since you seldom get the chance to ask on the dating website. Ask about their goals, aspirations, passion, and even things they are currently doing. This is an interesting way to get intimate with your match and also confirm if you like what you see.

Keep a Positive Attitude

More often than not, your attitude towards something predicts your actions and enthusiasm towards it, which will affect the total outcome. Where are we going with this? Always keep a positive attitude when going on your first date. Keep all assumptions and reservations off your mind and wear a bright, broad smile. This will make you feel you and can result in you having a great time. You have nothing to lose, keeping up with your positivity.

Go Dutch on The Bill

Who should foot the bill on a first date? That, among other questions, is the most controversial question when it comes to the first date. Most people think it’s the responsibility of the person that initiated the date while others think otherwise. Candidly, this is not a ‘one coat fits all’ situation, so we advise you to try to pick up the bill, especially if you initiated the date. If, on the other hand, your partner declines, you can share the cost with your date. Lastly, regardless of your previous intention, if a date insists on footing the bill, agree to the politely, it beats arguing aimlessly since you get the chance to pay the next time.

Tell Your Date if You Had Some Quality Time Together

If you had a great time with your match, it’s okay to immediately tell your online date. The time of waiting for a couple of days to express yourself is passed. Often, this has to be done by the other person invited to hang out with the initiator. So, if that’s you, pick up the phone and let your partner know you had a great time if you did. This also creates an avenue for another date, which is a great idea since the first date went well. Before you know it, you are already best friends with someone you met online or even in a committed relationship with them. If, after telling them you had a great time, another date wasn’t initiated, you can decide to do that or wait for a few days to do so.

Automatized Messages

Spam and bots are a not-so-cool-way that some dating sites employ to get free members to subscribe. Wonder how it’s done? Well, here is it. Upon registration or days after your registration, a user or some users will show interest in your profile and message you how they find you pleased and how your profile is impressive. This message can be sent to you even if you don’t have a profile picture uploaded. Getting this message will undoubtedly arouse your enthusiasm and even make you subscribe for a paid package. Upon doing this and in the hope of hitting it off with such a user, you will realize that you will be ignored, or the user becomes uninterested in chatting with you by going off-topic. What happens here is that a bot sends spam messages to free users posing as a real member; in doing this, you will be tricked into purchasing a subscription. Sites that do it don’t offer a refund, which means you do not have any other choice than to keep using their services.

One major way to identify bots and fake profiles is through their profiles. The profiles don’t usually have profile pictures, and even if they have, chances are most of the fields on their profiles are blank.

Do The Experts Support The Idea of Dating Sites?

We already live in an age where everything is done online, and online dating is one of the advancements we’ve made. Dating sites are effective and less stressful ways to socialize if properly used. Aside from getting partners or hookups from dating sites, they are also a great avenue for meeting great people that can turn out to be great friends, life partner, or business partners.

With our review of the best online dating sites, you are assured that you already have enough material to use in making a choice.